Erwin Eisenberg: Liz Hardy’s Actions Shame Family

"I received shares in Israel Corp as a gift from my father, in his home, last December," says Erwin Eisenberg. "My father distanced himself from my sister".

Erwin Eisenberg today submitted an additional statement to the Tel Aviv district court, regarding his claim that he received shares in the Panamanian corporations that control Israel Corporation. Added to the statement are serious but unspecified contentions against his sister Liz Hardy.

In his statement, Erwin Eisenberg describes, in detail, the circumstances which led his father Shoul Eisenberg to give his son shares in Blairside and Felconte as a gift. At the beginning of the statement, Erwin Eisenberg claims his father jealously guarded the confidentiality of his businesses, revealing details to no one - not even close family members - unless it was necessary. Erwin Eisenberg says this was true concerning Blairside and Felconte as well.

Erwin Eisenberg says the Eisenberg group took a $115 million loan from Bank Hapoalim to buy the controlling interest in Israel Chemicals (ICL) in early 1995. One half the loan was taken by Blairside, which put up a portion of its shares in Israel Corp as collateral. Erwin Eisenberg says he opposed this move; his father promised to refrain from doing so in the future and said he would release the shares from the collateral arrangement as soon as possible. Erwin Eisenberg says his father told him at that time, he intended to give the shares in the two companies to Erwin.

According to the statement, at the end of 1996, Israel Corp executed a multi-stage transaction, in which Shoul Eisenberg sold Israel Corp shares in ICL held by other of the group’s companies. According to Erwin Eisenberg, he saw this as an opportunity to release Blairside’s Israel Corp shares from the collateral arrangement.

Erwin Eisenberg says that one night, between December 9 and 11, 1996, he met with his father in the office of his Savyon residence, and the two went over the details of the multi-stage transaction. Erwin Eisenberg noted that, as part of the transaction, the collateral arrangement was to be lifted. "My father then took out the two notebooks which included Blairside and Felconte’s share records, gave them to me and said the shares were now under my ownership, and from now on I would not have to fear their share in Israel Corp being used as collateral".

In an addendum to the statement, Erwin Eisenberg claims: "In recent years, [Liz] Hardy was involved in unusual activities, which brought shame on our family and caused my late father much grief. Out of respect for her honor, I will not go into detail. My father distanced himself from her, as far as he could, and paid a great deal of money to cover up her deeds, so [word of them] would no leak out". Given these circumstances, he contends, there is no doubt his father his father did not mention anything, not even one word, regarding his will and business.

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