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Chaim Hurvitz Teva corruption settlement doesn't cover co officers

The investigation into the responsibility of Teva managers for bribes paid by subsidiaries in Russia and Ukraine continues.

Teva Photo: Tamar Matsafi Teva settles graft case with Israeli authorities

After a $500 million penalty in the US, Teva will be fined NIS 75 million in Israel for illegal payments in Russia, Ukraine and Mexico.

Moshe Asher Photo: Eyal Yizhar Israel Tax Authority takes on Google, Facebook

Tax Authority head Moshe Asher told "Globes" that assessments will be issued to the likes of Google and Facebook within the next few months.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Shaul Elovitch: Tamar Matsafi PM allegedly had unreported meetings with Elovitch

An eye witness has told "Globes" he saw the Prime Minister's motorcade drive to the Bezeq controlling shareholder's home at least twice.

Teva  photo: PR Teva's officeholders legally liable for their blunders

In the past, executives and directors had ethical obligations in management decisions but recent rulings suggest they may be legally liable too, argues Dr. Eli Bukspan.

French Finance Ministry Photo: AFP Bernard Guay Exclusive: France sets up tax dept to investigate Jews

The secret department has 20 Hebrew-speaking employees, and is hiring five more to investigate tax evasion.

Benjamin Netanyahu  photo: Avi Ohayoun Exclusive: I helped clinch German submarine deal

German businessman Michael Herzog tells "Globes" about the deal and denies bribing former National Security Council deputy head Avriel Bar-Yosef.

Herzliya Marina Photo: Tamar Matsafi Israeli yacht owners appeal inclusion in "wealth tax"

The yacht owners say their boats were purchased for business purposes, not private use.

Israel navy submarine Photo: PR Revealed: ThyssenKrupp paid Michael Ganor €10.2m

"Globes" reveals exclusive details about payments to the German submarine builder's Israeli representative, who bribed senior Israeli military and political figures.

Prof. Zelig Eshar Photo: Shlomi Yosef Israeli professors fight for Kite Pharma sale spoils

Prof. Gideon Gross is suing Prof. Zelig Eshhar, alleging that Eshhar cheated him out of his share of the $11.9 billion sale of Kite, which has developed a revolutionary cancer drug.

Gambling Photo: Reuters Israel Tax Authority targets poker pros

The potential income of Israel's professional poker players varies from hundreds of thousands to millions of shekels a year.

Limor Shmerling Magazanik Photo: Eyal Yitzhar Protecting privacy from Internet giants can be done

The Israel Privacy Protection Authority tells "Globes" about the attempts to protect Israelis from Google and Facebook.

ID Metal Works from Karmiel Photo: Courtesy ID Metal Works Cos face ruin as gov't wants investment grants repaid

ID Metal Works from Karmiel is among many Israeli companies that claim the government is dealing them a lethal blow.

Moshe Asher Photo: Eyal Yizhar Tax Authority catches "poor" Israeli buying NIS 10m watch

Foreign countries are voluntarily reporting unusually large purchases in their territory by Israelis.

Binary options Photo: Shutterstock FBI targets Israeli binary options traders

The FBI recently managed to arrest the CEO of an Israeli based binary options company.

JNF Photo: Eli Yitzhar Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Patriarchate: JNF fleecing us

The Jewish National Fund, which lost $20 million to fraudsters, is demanding that the patriarchate, which was also cheated, return $13 million it never received.

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