What's Next: Beyond BRICS
Monday Dec 9th 17:00-18:30

With the emerging understanding that the BRIC countries may no longer be the next big thing, comes the question "What’s Next"? Engage those who are already in "What’s Next" markets during the 5th annual "What’s Next" event produced by the Recanati Business School’s International MBA.
Learn from their experience in identifying opportunities, building companies, and providing value in markets that to date you may not have considered.
Ornit Avidar, Founder and Managing Director, WaterWays
Dr. Shuki Gleitman, chairman, capital point
Victor Politis, President & CEO, PRI Project Development

Moderator: Prof. Gadi Ariav, Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University

The 5th annual event of the Recanati Business School's International MBA

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