Chedva Kleinhandler

Founder, Emerj

Field: Consulting

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - חדוה קלינהנדלר / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal: 31 | Married with a son | Translation diploma studies at Beit Berl


An enterprise tool, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, that enables employees to ask questions anonymously, in real time, and receive responses and support from anyone in the enterprise. The tool, which she calls democratization of mentoring, also facilitates analytics, instead of the enterprise having to rely on employee surveys. This year she started to work with international cosmetics company Estée Lauder.

It is hard to find a free hour in Chedva Kleinhandler’s tight schedule, but she will do anything to find that hour, even if it means having a conversation at midnight in a taxi on the way home at the end of a workday. The meeting with her in the café is a part of a series of meetings with not a moment wasted; if she is already in a given area, there are undoubtedly some loose ends to tie up. "The truth is that I never decided to found a startup," she says. "To this day, it sounds weird to me. Why should I have a startup? But mentoring was very meaningful in my life."

Kleinhandler comes from a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) background, and it was clear to her from a very young age that she would be self-employed, first of all because she had no academic degree, and she discovered that without one, it is hard to find a job. "I’m sure that people talk behind my back, but I don't care," is her comment about being one of the pioneering high-tech women entrepreneurs in the haredi sector.

That same need for mentoring, and the realization that her future lay in entrepreneurship, are what eventually led here to found Emerj.

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Effective management tools

"I was never trained to be a CEO, but I realized that I had many strengths. No one expects me to invent our next algorithm, but it’s possible to use creativity to solve technological problems. It’s also important not to stick too closely to the job definition. A 10-minute conversation with a woman who doesn't think the way I do will sometimes enable me to see things differently."

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