Inbar Carmel

Founder, Infime

 Field: Fashion

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - ענבר כרמל / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal: 33 | Married | BA in law from the College of Management


A 3D model that facilitates buying underwear without trying it on, using an algorithm that recommends the right size and artificial intelligence analysis that determines what is suitable for a person’s body structure

Inbal Carmel worked as a lawyer at the Jerusalem municipality, but something was lacking: she was looking for "something creative with vision." The direction she found for herself was ecommerce. "I took a course at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, where the idea of founding a website for underwear was born. I started contacting suppliers from all over the world through connections and email, and I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to manage the business from home. I searched for a hub where I could base myself and a way to gain exposure to this world. I found the incubator in Tel Aviv, and met entrepreneurs. We talked about future ecommerce solutions for virtual try-on, and that’s where my technological interest began."

They founded the startup in 2015. She works with two partners: strategic adviser Nir Netzer and investor Eitan Pollak. "While I was working, customers would call me with measuring problems. I realized that there were no simulation solutions for clothes worn next to the skin, that underwear is the hardest thing to buy online, because there’s no solution for trying things on. I saw that there was a real need, and started to do research. That’s how I met Michael Litvin, a programmer and algorithm developer who just then finished working on his startup.

"We started developing virtual try-on technology that would be suitable for both ecommerce websites and physical stores. Actually, the idea of making my ecommerce into a startup came from both of us. We became a couple while working together, and we got married six months ago. We like working together, because keeping a startup going is very hard work, and if your spouse doesn’t support you, it’s impossible. On the other hand, there’s no economic support from one of the couple earning a salary from another job."

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What would you recommend to a beginning woman entrepreneur

"Find the right partners, in order to build a strong team with complementary know-how, connections, and character. I found a partner for both my startup and my life.

"I believe that it’s worthwhile being the leader in what you do, whether it’s leading something social or creating a community. When I set out, I founded a fashion and technology community aimed at producing conferences and events in the sector that would lead to cooperative efforts.

"It’s also important to be in the relevant places, like conferences, to participate in panels, and to attend events or create such things by yourself. These thing are great opportunities for forming new connections with investors and people from the industry."


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