Lihi Pinto Fryman

Co-Founder and CMO, Syte.ai

Field: ecommerce

Capital raised: $8 million

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - ליהיא פינטו / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal: 37 | Married with two children | MBA from the College of Management


Identification of photos of products and connecting them to purchasing websites. "Let's say you're visiting a company, and you see a sofa that you really like. If you photograph it, our technology will be able to identify it as a sofa, and search Google for similar sofas. In principle, our algorithm can identify anything, including dogs and cows, and is capable of deep learning, in other words, learning by itself. We worked for three years to refine it to specialize in home furnishings and fashion.


"This is the most difficult field, because a dress doesn't look the same when you're sitting as when you're standing, or if you're on the red carpet as in a catalogue. It looks completely different every time. So we thought that if we can be accurate in fashion, the algorithm will be so smart that we'll be able to teach it other things easily."

Founding a startup

"I work with my spouse and my brother, and it took us three years to set up the venture. It was the Israeli investment firm Magma Venture Partners that discovered us. Our main investors are LINE Corporation, responsible for the Asian equivalent of WhatsApp, which has over 600 million users, and Naber, the Asian equivalent of Google."

Management method

"With us, there's no such thing as everyone sticking to their own area of responsibility and doing nothing else. On the contrary; people are rewarded on the basis of the help and support they give their colleagues. This is in my blood: no one at other people's expense - prosperity for everyone."

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Being a female entrepreneur

"You hear 'no' all the time - 'this can't work' or 'it's impossible.' The number of times you get rejected is enormous, and you need the hide of a rhinoceros. My way of coping with rejection is being sorry for the other person, that they're missing out on us, and can't see what we see."

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