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Cardiac monitoring co Vectorious raises $5m
Vectorious Medical Technologies is developing a novel cardiac monitoring system for congestive heart failure patients.
Globes correspondent    25 Feb 15   15:37

Teva reports positive migraine drug Phase IIb results
Both high and low dose TEV-48125 demonstrated significant reduction in headache hours and headache days in patients.
Globes correspondent   24 Feb 15   19:14

Israeli, UK researchers awarded 3m grants
The grants are part of a 10 million program for cooperation between the UK and Israel on regenerative medicine.
Gali Weinreb   22 Feb 15   17:18

Valeant buying Salix in $10b deal
Valeant Pharmaceuticals has been mentioned as a possible buyer of Israel's Teva.
Globes correspondent   22 Feb 15   10:00

Check-Cap raises $24m, including Nasdaq IPO
Gali Weinreb   19 Feb 15   17:31

Teva launches injectable generic Lovenox and Zyvox
Globes correspondent   18 Feb 15   11:24

Pocared Diagnostics raises $15m
Globes correspondent   17 Feb 15   16:47

Teva agrees licensing for Eagle leukemia drug
Globes correspondent   17 Feb 15   15:09

Epoch invests NIS 21.2m in IceCure Medical
Kobi Yeshayahou   17 Feb 15   14:25

Clal Biotech and Hyperion settle on Andromeda
Gali Weinreb   17 Feb 15   12:57

Fosun Pharma eyes Lumenis
Gali Weinreb   17 Feb 15   11:09

Rainbow Medical raises $25m from Chinese investors
Globes correspondent   16 Feb 15   14:45

Novartis seeks new Israeli technologies
Amiram Barkat   15 Feb 15   15:43

What Cyprus offers Israel's medical tourism industry
Local conditions combined with recent EU legislation make Cyprus an attractive target for healthcare investment. 
Yaniv Habari   24 Feb 15   11:16

Myndlift: An Israeli app being developed to treat ADHD
Two entrepreneurs from Baqa al-Gharbiya are building an app-based neuro-feedback system for drug-free ADHD treatment.
Shiri Dover    4 Feb 15   21:57

Jeremy Levin: Teva is continuing my focus
The former Teva CEO tells "Globes" about his new jobs with Biocon and Ovid.
Gali Weinreb   29 Jan 15   16:50

1,000 red grapes in a single teaspoon
Gali Weinreb   22 Jan 15   10:37

Israeli biomed cos shun TASE for Nasdaq
Gali Weinreb    4 Jan 15   11:29

Good-bye chemotherapy, hello immunotherapy
Gali Weinreb   27 Nov 14   11:36

Cancer treatment developer Efranat raises $4.5m
Gali Weinreb   18 Nov 14   16:13