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Shoulder implant co OrthoSpace raises $7m
Johnson & Johnson has invested in the Israeli startup, which has developed an orthopedic biodegradable balloon system.
Globes correspondent    5 Dec 16   14:56

LDS wins medical cannabis marketing deal
LDS Biotech's technology makes it possible to prevent the psychoactive effect of cannabis on users.
Gali Weinreb    4 Dec 16   18:28

Israeli cannabis inhaler co Syqe targets US
Syqe's CEO has told "Bloomberg" that the company expects approval in other countries with the US "the obvious target."
    1 Dec 16   12:42

Teva shareholder wants corruption disclosure
The shareholder wants more information on the $500 million set aside for investigations related to violation of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
Chen Ma'anit   30 Nov 16   14:37

Microbot completes merger with Stem Cell
Gali Weinreb   29 Nov 16   19:23

Israeli spinal implant co ApiFix raises $5m
Globes correspondent   28 Nov 16   17:27

Edwards buys Israeli co Valtech Cardio for $1b
Globes correspondent    28 Nov 16   13:52

Teva to market world's first cannabis inhaler
Globes correspondent   28 Nov 16   13:49

Q Holdings in talks to buy Degania Silicone
Gali Weinreb   27 Nov 16   17:03

Research: Chemotherapy can cause metastasis
New research at Israel's Technion alarmingly reveals that the body acts to assist the tumor because it wrongly identifies chemotherapy as damaging.
Gali Weinreb    5 Dec 16   14:51

Eight startups to compete for cardio invention of 2016
The 8 contestants competing in Tel Aviv for the ICI annual innovation award include a tiny heart pump, and a diagnosis belt for the chronically ill.
Gali Weinreb    4 Dec 16   14:51

Preparing soldiers for battlefield horrors
Body parts, bloodand smoke: Extreme Simulations' technology unsparingly evokes the sights, smells and sounds of combat.
Yuval Azulai   22 Nov 16   18:41

Analysts put Teva's exposure at $700m
Gali Weinreb    6 Nov 16   20:49

Startup DayTwo offers personalized nutrition
Gali Weinreb    2 Nov 16   15:50

Brain gain
Gali Weinreb   20 Oct 16   17:44

Taste of success
    6 Oct 16   19:06

US med-tech giant Allscripts seeks Negev startups
Globes correspondent   25 Sep 16   14:52

Itamar Medical - a sleeping giant?
Shlomit Lan and Gali Weinreb   25 Sep 16   13:45

MEDX medical incubator opens its doors
Gali Weinreb   20 Sep 16   19:25

Allergan CEO: We'll cooperate with Teva on selling our stake
Gali Weinreb   20 Sep 16   10:10