Apartments in Beersheva

Housing prices down 1% in September

Housing prices fell by a full percentage point for the first time since November 2007.

Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu tries to stabilize coalition

An election is seen on the horizon, but is not believed to be imminent.

shekel  picture: Tamar Mitzpi Shekel-dollar rate retreats from peak

After yesterday's near 1% rise, the exchange rate has moderated this morning; the shekel-euro rate continues to climb.

The phenomenon of legalizing building violations

Building violations are not a new phenomenon and today they are occurring on a broad scale throughout the country.

Gil Shwed Credit Suisse sees 5% growth for Check Point in Q3

Credit Suisse says that a survey among distributors shows growth in the company's sales.

Exalenz Exalenz Bioscience starts liver diagnostics trial

The trial will test diagnosis of liver disease through high blood pressure in the liver.

Silvan Shalom Minister promises to rationalize water cos

Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources Silvan Shalom is mulling a single nationwide water corporation.

Dead Sea Works picture: Tamar Matzapi "Israel Chemicals will be very different in five years"

Analysts give their estimates of the effect on Israel Chemicals of the Sheshinski 2 recommendations.

Stephan Borgas Israel Chemicals: We're victims of populism

Israel Chemicals says adopting the Sheshinski 2 recommendations will cause an unemployment crisis.

Moody's downgrades Hapoalim, Leumi, FIBI outlook

Moody's has changed the outlook on the three Israeli banks' deposit ratings from stable to negative.

economy, dollar Estimates show Israeli economy growing just 2.2% in 2014

The Central Bureau of Statistics estimates growth in GDP per capita in Israel of 0.3% this year.

Danino Uziel

CEO Excellence Nessuah

Dr. Norman Bailey Turkey roasts

Turkey's leadership has brought the country to an impossible position, and its dream of revived grandeur is receding.

Tue: TASE stays firm

Teva kept up its momentum today, as did Israel Chemicals and Bank Hapoalim.

Harsa sanitary products factory in Beersheva faces closure

The Hamat Group cited high labor and production input costs.

Yael German Ministry launches top-up health insurance comparison site

The site will provide information about patients' rights and differences between the health funds.

Nissan Slomiansky  picture: Uriah Tadmor Finance C'ttee to discuss cost of living

Committee chairman Nissan Slominiansky: We'll demand immediate measures from the government.

Eytan Sheshinski, Yair Lapid Sheshinski 2 backpedals; Israel Chemicals still unhappy

Minister of Finance Yair Lapid: The committee has created the right balance; Israel's natural resources belong to the public.

Israel Chemicals Greens blast Sheshinski 2

There are calls for the Knesset to investigate the management of Israel’s natural resources.

Giora Ofer, Doron Aviv, Gal Aviv Blender launches peer-to-peer lending in Israel

The Aviv family and Giora Ofer today officially launched Blender - an online lending platform.

start up Telefonica to collaborate with Israeli incubator VLX

Telefonica will invest up to $1 million in incubator projects, and provide professional support.

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