terror attack in Jerusalem

Israel terror attacks intensify Tuesday morning

Three were killed in separate Jerusalem attacks and there were stabbings in Ra'anana and Kiryat Ata.

IT  image: Shutterstock Cybereason raises $84m in four months

The cyber security start-up has formed strategic partnerships with Lockheed Martin and now with SoftBank.

Mylan chairman Robert J. Coury “Perrigo turning TASE listing into poison pill”

Mylan claims it has no obligation to publish a prospectus in Israel for its takeover bid just because Perrigo is listed in Tel Aviv.

0% VAT - 100% ego

Israel's citizens are again waking up to a new reality.

Moshe Kahlon Israel's security forces get blank check to quell terror

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon: I'm giving you all the means needed to defeat terror.

Chromagen French firm buys 51% stake in Chromagen for NIS 73m

Tene Funds will sell its 32% of the Israeli solar water tank manufacturer for NIS 48 million.

Avi Temkin Stabbings aren't economy's worst problem - for now

It's too soon to tell what impact this round of violence will have on the Israeli economy.

Israeli tomatoes Israel's tomato shortage to continue until December

Agriculture Ministry director general Shlomo Ben-Eliyahu said that farmers can only produce 50% of demand.

Galia Maor and Eitan Raff Leumi report: Execs should return millions in bonuses

The external committee examining the roles of former senior Bank Leumi managers in the US tax evasion affair reported today.

casino Cyprus casino a good bet for Israel

Israel's tourism industry can take advantage of a new, close by,tourist attraction.

shekels Shekel strengthens against dollar

Prico's Yossi Fraiman: The global sell-off of stocks and bonds is manifesting itself in the local currency market as well.

Bechor Ronen

CEO and Owner Elsmed Group

Avi Temkin Money fleeing BRIC finds refuge in Israel

Israel is not a bad solution for funds obliged to invest in emerging markets.

Teva Teva's launches generic prostate treatment in US

Avodart capsules have annual sales of $467 million in the US.

Tzipi Ozer Armon China's XIO completes $510m acquisition of Lumenis

The acquisition of the Israeli aesthetic medical applications company has bought hansome returns for its investors.

police More stabbing attacks in Jerusalem

There have been terrorist attacks today in Pisgat Ze'ev, Ammunition Hill and at the Lions Gate.

Dr. Norman Bailey Turkish army won't stand by

As Turkey degenerates, a military coup is more likely than total failure, and not a bad outcome for Israel.

AMOS E Israel Aerospace Industries unveils lightweight satellite

The electrically propelled communications satellite weighs less than half of the current AMOS satellite.

software Israeli software students prefer to work in startups

A John Bryce survey finds a rise in the proportion of computing students who want to work in, and found, start-ups.

real estate  construction  picture: Tamar Mizpi Jewish holidays fail to stem mortgage tide

New mortgages to the tune of NIS 4.2 billion were taken in September, with 2015 set to be a record year. 

Benjamin Netanyahu "Gov't debt reduction main factor in Israel's credit rating"

Moody's SVP Kristin Lindow says the growing security risks are also a main source of concern for Israel's future credit rating.

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