Yair Lapid  picture: Uria Tadmor

We're not doing our job, Lapid tells Finance Ministry

Yair Lapid: Do you want your epitaph to be ''Here lies Moshe, who kept the budget balanced"?

Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu: Elections are the last thing we need

The prime minister called on coalition members to act together for the good of the country.

shekel  picture: Tamar Mitzpi Shekel-dollar rate resumes climb

FXCM: A rise above NIS 3.75/$ could spur more speculators to join the wave.

Absence of positive discrimination in the workplace verges on discrimination

The important decision by the High Court of Justice to integrate people with disabilities into the job market sets that the absence of positive preference in the work place and by the same measure not promoting an employee because he cannot fill a full time role due to his disabilities is discrimination.

Gilad Japhet MyHeritage partners with personal DNA co 23andMe

The partnership between the companies will make it possible for users to take personal DNA tests, and to use them study their family histories.

Beta-O2 starts clinical trial for artificial pancreas

The ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas is aimed at ending insulin injections for type 1 diabetes patients.

Apartments in Beersheva Housing prices down 1% in September

Housing prices fell by a full percentage point for the first time since November 2007.

Intel Intel offers Kiryat Gat workers voluntary retirement package

Intel is changing the composition of its Kiryat Gat workforce pending the NIS 22 billion upgrade of its fab there.

Gil Shwed Credit Suisse sees 5% growth for Check Point in Q3

Credit Suisse says that a survey among distributors shows growth in the company's sales.

Exalenz Exalenz Bioscience starts liver diagnostics trial

The trial will test diagnosis of liver disease through high blood pressure in the liver.

Silvan Shalom Minister promises to rationalize water cos

Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources Silvan Shalom is mulling a single nationwide water corporation.

Tirer Aharon Zelig

Founding Manager, A. Tirer Law Office and Notary.

Elbit Systems helmet Elbit Systems wins contracts worth $85m in Asia

The contracts, mainly for an F-5 fighter upgrade, are with an unnamed Asian country.

Gal Haber  picture: Eyal Yitzhar Plus500 CEO: Our p/e ratio is low

The online trading paltform company's third quarter revenue shows 181% annualized growth.

poverty One in seven Israelis feels poor

725.3 thousand people in Israel define themselves as poor: 29% of Israeli Arabs and 12% of Israeli Jews.

DSP Group teams with Qualcomm on home automation solution

The solution will enable delivery of advanced cordless telephony features.

Nadav Palti  picture: Eyal Yitzhar Sony Pictures and Dori Media set up "Dori TLV"

Sony Pictures has bought a 50% stake in a substantial part of Dori Media's business.

Dr. Norman Bailey Turkey roasts

Turkey's leadership has brought the country to an impossible position, and its dream of revived grandeur is receding.

Harsa sanitary products factory in Beersheva faces closure

The Hamat Group cited high labor and production input costs.

Yael German Ministry launches top-up health insurance comparison site

The site will provide information about patients' rights and differences between the health funds.

Nissan Slomiansky  picture: Uriah Tadmor Finance C'ttee to discuss cost of living

Committee chairman Nissan Slominiansky: We'll demand immediate measures from the government.

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