Teva CEO tells Netanyahu of hostile takeover risk

In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Kare Schultz commits to keeping Teva Israeli.

Economic damage from Teva's cutbacks will mainly be local

Teva's contribution to Israel's tax revenues has been virtually zero.

David Koch  photo: Carl Allegri, Reuters Koch Industries leading $75-150m round in Insightec

The Israeli medical equipment company's financing round is at a company value of $460 million, before money.

Kare Schultz Photo: PR Teva announces 14,000 layoffs worldwide

CEO Kare Schultz: Teva will optimize its cost base while ensuring that we protect our revenues and preserve our core capabilities.

Kare Schultz Photo: PR Teva to fire at least 3,000 in Israel

The pharmaceutical company will close down most of its production operations in Israel, sources inform "Globes."

Yitzhak Peterburg Photo: PR Teva's Yitzhak Peterburg steps down

Peterburg was chairman of the board of directors which approved Teva's $40 billion acquisition of Actavis.

cancer Gamida Cell reports positive cancer drug trial

The company is preparing for an IPO next year, after recently raising money at a $160 million company value.

Mayor Nissim Malka Photo: Kobi Gidon GPO Kiryat Shmona braces for Teva plant closure

Mayor Nissim Malka: The layoffs are liable to make people leave the town.

Teva Photo: Reuters Exclusive: Teva to fire 500 managers in Israel

"Globes" has learned about Teva's streamlining plan, which includes 250 layoffs in the Migada Kiryat Shmona plant, which will be closed.

Brainsway Brainsway raises $8.5m

The company awaits a response from the FDA to an application to approve its product for use in treating obsessive compulsive disorder.

Brainsway Brainsway negotiating $8-10m financing round

The medical startup is seeking to raise money from Phoenix and IBI at NIS 15 a share.

Teva Photo: Tamar Matsafi Most Teva Israel layoffs expected at Petah Tikva HQ

As Teva workers await the axe, one tells "Globes" that he fears he will be shortchanged while outgoing CSO Michael Hayden gets $2.5 million by the end of 2018.

Kare Schultz Photo: PR Teva mulls 10,000 layoffs - report

The planned cuts would save Teva $1.5-2 billion within two years, reports "Bloomberg."

Arie Belldegrun Photo: PR Gilead Sciences acquires CDL for $567m

Cell Design Labs was sponsored by Arie Belldegrun, founder of Kite Pharma, which Gilead acquired for $12 billion.

Marius Nacht, photo: Tamar Matsafi Nacht, Harel Insurance invest in personalized cancer treatment

Ayala Pharmaceuticals has bought a license from BMS to develop the treatment.

George Horesh Photos: PR and Tamar Matsafi George Horesh to build Amdocs Ra'anana campus for $350m

Horesh is buying the land back from Teva after selling it two and a half years ago.

Medicine Photo: Reuters RedHill makes cutbacks, gives up migraine product

 RedHill Biopharma's expenses rose after it built a marketing network for two acquired products.

Vaccinations Photo: Shutterstock Clal Biotech portfolio co Neon raises $106m

Neon Therapeutics is developing vaccine therapy for cancer victims.

Peter Thiel Photo: Reuters Peter Thiel invests as biotech co ChemomAb raises $10m

The Israeli company has developed a treatment of inflammatory and cicatricial diseases resulting from fatty liver.

medical research image: Shutterstock Atox Bio raises $30m to develop kidney injury treatment

The financing round in Nes Ziona-based Atox Bio was led by Arix Bioscience plc.

Judith and Kobi Richter  photo: Yossi Zeliger FDA approves Medinol's medicated stent

The $750 million compensation Medinol won from Boston Scientific enabled it to develop the new stent, which will make it more competitive. 

Holmes Place Photo: PR Holmes Place cuts TASE IPO price by 40%

The offering will get underway this week at a company value of NIS 220 million before money.

Ori Hadomi  photo: Eyal Izhar Securities Authority questions Mazor Robotics CEO

The investigation of Ori Hadomi reportedly involves insider trading relating to the Mazor-Medtronic deal.

Teva Photo: Tamar Matsafi "Teva's senior execs should pay back excessive salaries"

Former Teva chairman Meir Heth believes the company's top executives are responsible for the current situation.

Teva Photo: Tamar Matsafi US hedge funds reduce Teva exposure

Some financial institutions see an opportunity in Teva's low share price and have increased their holdings in the company.

Dalton Conley Photo: PR "Genetic inequality is increasing"

Princeton University's Prof. Dalton Conley tells "Globes" that understanding the interaction between genetics and environment will start a social revolution.

Teva  photo: Reuters Poalim IBI: Teva must raise capital

Analyst Steven Tepper tells "Globes" that if Teva wants to stay independent, it needs capital, or it will be exposed to a takeover.

Prof. Zelig Eshar Photo: Shlomi Yosef Israeli professors fight for Kite Pharma sale spoils

Prof. Gideon Gross is suing Prof. Zelig Eshhar, alleging that Eshhar cheated him out of his share of the $11.9 billion sale of Kite, which has developed a revolutionary cancer drug.

Arie Belldegrun Photo: PR "Chemotherapy will become just a bad memory"

More energetic than ever, Arie Belldegrun talks to "Globes" about Kite Pharma's remarkable journey and the future of cancer treatment.

Mori Arkin, Uri Geiger photos: Tamar Matsafi, Eyal Izhar Accelmed fattening Cogentix for sale

Accelmed seeks to replicate its success formula in urology, as portfolio company Cogentix makes a third acquisition.

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