New apartments IMF: Israeli home prices rose 7.5% in 2016

The IMF said there is no bubble in the Israeli housing market although it estimates prices are 9% above their real value.

Moshe Kahlon, Karnit Flug  photo: Uriah Tadmor Karnit Flug opposes tax cuts

The Bank of Israel Governor said surplus tax revenues should be used to increase growth potential by investing in infrastructures and education.

Aqwise Photo: PR AqWise biologically purifies sewage and effluents

AqWise is an Israeli cleantech company that purifies sewage produced by Coca Cola, Unilever, and Nestle.

Palmachim beach Photo: Eyal Yizhar New bill seeks to protect Israel's marine ecology

Adam Teva V'Din calls the proposed sea authority the most significant and comprehensive environmental legislation since the 2010 Clean Air Law.

Adv. Ephraim Nave Photo: Tamar Matsafi Israeli lawyers threaten unprecedented sanctions

The dispute about retirement benefits for judges could disrupt court hearings after Passover.

Karnit Flug BoI changing interest rate report

The new report format will be shorter and will present the Monetary Committee's view on the economy.

Izzy Cohen Clal Insurance labor sanctions escalate

Months of negotiations between the unionized workers and management were fruitless.

Mortgages Photo: Shutterstock Israeli mortgage market slows further

New mortgages totaled NIS 4.12 billion in February, continuing a steady decline.

Sholem (Saul) Lapidot photo: Roni Schutzer Adama stake sale boosts IDB profit

The group's auditors have removed the going concern qualification they attached to its financial statements in recent years.

Teva Photo: Tamar Matsafi Teva fires dozens in Israel

Many more employees will be let go in Israel and worldwide as the pharmaceutical company implements a new streamlining plan.

Watches Photo: Shutterstock Daylight savings in Israel begins tonight

At 2am Thursday night - Friday morning March 23/24, clocks should be moved forward by one hour.

Karnit Flug BoI: Growth added NIS 4.5b to tax revenues

Revenues from taxes on imported cars and real estate equaled 0.5-0.7% of GDP in recent years, the Bank of Israel said.

Moshe Asher Photo: Eyal Yizhar Technology helps Tax Authority catch offenders

Vast amounts of data from abroad and Israel can be cross referenced by computer to find tax evaders, tax chief Moshe Asher says.

Google Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Israel probes Google, Facebook tax collection options

Investigators believe that they have evidence that Google and Facebook have a relationship with the domestic market that justifies assessing them for taxes.



Eyal Ofer Forbes: Eyal Ofer remains wealthiest Israeli

There were 18 Israelis on "Forbes" 2017 billionaires list with Stef Wertheimer again the richest Israel-based Israeli.

Karnit Flug Flug: Foreign residents speculating on shekel

Karnit Flug believes much of the $4.5 billion bought by foreign residents since the start of 2017 is speculative investment.

IDF soldier Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Treasury approves pay hike for professional soldiers

The agreement will affect 10,000 officers and NCOs.

Egged buses Photo: Nati Yefet Egged strike called off

The bus cooperative and Histadrut have heeded the Tel Aviv District Labor Court's recommendation to enter more intensive talks.

Chinese worker in Israel photo: Eyal Yitzhar Israel, China sign building workers agreement

6,000 construction workers from China will come to Israel in the next six months and 20,000 in total.

Yisrael Katz  photo: Eyal Yitzhar Katz attacks Egged ahead of Tuesday's strike

The Transportation Minister told Egged, "You're dinosaurs. If you don't do what's needed, you'll become extinct."

Karim Rashid Photo: Shutterstock Designer Karim Rashid launches Israel operations

The industrial designer is opening on office in Israel through the Amos Bentzur & Co. law firm, which will be Rashid's representative worldwide.

New cars Photo: Tamar Matsafi Car importers profit from lack of competition

Israel's car import sector features little competition and exceptional profit margins, the Ministry of Finance chief economist has found.

Karnit Flug BoI research backs forex intervention

The study examined the effect of Bank of Israel intervention in foreign currency trading in 2009-2015.

Edna Lerman  photo: Eyal Izhar "Israel must prepare for a population of 12-15 million"

Planners Association chair Edna Lerman talks to "Globes" about where long-term planning in Israel falls down.

Avi Hasson Photo: Eyal Yizhar Chief Scientist: Gov't has no interest in exits

Avi Hasson:  The riskier the project, the more likely it is to receive funding from us. 

Cologne Photo: Shutterstock Germany seeks Israeli technology

The North Rhine-Westphalia Economic Development Agency (NRW) will visit Israel next month looking for new technologies.

Kristin Lindow Photo: Eyal Yizhar Moody's SVP: BDS not harming Israeli exports

However, Moody's Kristin Lindow warns that expanding West Bank settlements is distancing countries from Israel.

Science Abroad Photo: PR 10% of Israeli PhDs live abroad

ScienceAbroad is promoting entrepreneurship programs to bring home Israel academics.

Chinese investors Photo: Reuters Chinese investment restrictions hit Israeli cos

The Chinese authorities are combatting the exit of capital from the country by imposing restrictions on overseas investments.

Emek Refaim Light Rail Photo: Master Plan  German Colony residents protest light rail plans

Many in Jerusalem's Germany Colony are up in arms over plans to route the light rail Blue Line on Emek Refaim Street.

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