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IDF is the most efficient economic body in Israel

Outgoing Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff addresses the Globes Israel Business Conference

"Israel must take action practically and responsibly, to look at the strategic threats around us, and find creative solutions to cut the budget, without harming the readiness of the IDF," said Brigadier General Maharn Prosenfer, the outgoing Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff.

Brig. Gen. Prosenfer spoke at the Globes Israel Business Conference.

Brig. Gen. Prosenfer said that the defense budget should be placed in the proper perspective, in regards to the world and the security challenges facing the IDF.

"The IDF is poor in relation to other armies, because it is based on the state budget, which is a relatively small budget," Brig. Gen. Prosenfer said. "Unlike the U.S., our system is based on the development of weapons to face various challenges in the air, on the ground and at sea. This is the framework within which we operate and we must continue to act responsibly and with determination in regards to the challenges and threats standing in front of us."

"I tell you, from personal familiarity with the budget, that the IDF is the most efficient economic body in Israel," Brig. Gen. Prosenfer stated.