Israel Business Conference 2010

In the coming conference, the following topics will be discussed at the IBC:

New World Order: Tools for dealing with a changing economy

  • Who are the dominant players in the economic order?
  • What are the immediate dangers to the global economy?
  • What methods will facilitate decision-makers in managing the global economy?

Natural gas discoveries

  • Are oil and gas discoveries a ephemeral episode?
  • What to do with all this gas?
  • Who should receive the royalties from oil and gas sales?

The rush to IPOs

  • Where to raise capital and under what conditions?
  • What is the safest way for Israeli companies to go on road shows?
  • What is the condition of Israeli companies in the global arena?

Future growth markets

  • Investment in emerging markets
  • Which countries have the strongest potential?
  • Recommended fields for investment

Toolbox for the Israeli labor market

Comparing the Israeli labor market with developed economies

Who will encourage the Israeli labor market and how?

Real estate prices: Bubble or realistic market?

  • Can the rise in prices in Israel’s real estate market be stopped?
  • How can buy an apartment in Israel?
  • Should the regulator intervene?

The Israeli economy from a global perspective

  • Israel’s standing in the world
  • How does the world perceive the Israeli economy?

The global economy, global banking - currency wars

  • Currency wars: Who will dictate currency policy in the world?
  • The US versus China: Who will be stronger?
  • Where will the next crisis occur?

Negev and Galilee: From periphery to opportunity

  • What are the potential growth levers for the Negev and Galilee?
  • Presentation of technology development ventures

The consumer’s changing power in the new world

  • Increasing market sophistication - presentation of trends
  • Ways of dealing with trends in the contemporary era

Aerospace technologies as a growth engine

  • Commercial achievements of Israel’s aerospace industry
  • Vision and plans of the Israeli Space Agency for the next five years
  • Leveraging Israeli achievement for building industrial and scientific capability