Guest Speakers

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Mike Morley

CEO Casa Strada Productions, Multi Media Consultant; Formerly Chief Creative Officer Sony Pictures Television International Mike Morley is a 20 year TV veteran having won a host of international programming honours including 3 Royal Televtision Society awards in the UK during his time as a producer, executive producer and editor. ... המשך >
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David Graham

CEO, Attentional Ltd., UK David formed Attentional in 1990 and has turned it into one of the most innovativemedia consultancies in the UK, with clients in the UK, US and continental Europe. The company develop data and research services for independent TV and film producers in the UK. ... המשך >
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Philippe Brodeur

Managing Director, Hot Air Media, Ireland Philippe Brodeur's passion is to make TV interactive has seen him win top awards for TV, online and marketing over the past 20 years in Ireland, the UK and World competitions. Philippe works with broadcasters, productioncompanies, technology companies and brands to create and implement multi-platformstrategies to generate revenue and growth. ... המשך >
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Paul Boross

The Pitch Doctor, BIG SKY, UK The Pitch Doctor is Paul Boross — psychologist, author, NLP expert,corporate strategist and internationally recognised authority on communications,presentation, performance and “the art and science of persuading people to give youbusiness”. ... המשך >
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Ben Hall

Managing Director, Shine Networkhelping In July 2009 Ben joined Shine Group as the Managing Director of Shine Networkhelping manage development, acquisitions and content strategy across the Shine group of companies. ... המשך >

John Gough

Head of Programme and Secretary to the Advisory Board, ENTERTAINMENT MASTER CLASS For the past 14 years John has established a broad base of experience in the international television business. John’s experience encompasses all the key areas of the entertainment format business from creation, production, distribution to training and education. ... המשך >
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