December 11-12,  2016
David InterContinental Hotel, Tel Aviv

Israel Business Conference 2016

For two decades, Globes, Israel's leading business newspaper, has been hosting the Israel Business Conference (IBC), considered the country's most prestigious business event. The two-day conference is attended by more than 4,000 delegates, including businessmen and women, government officials, leading economists and delegations from Israel and abroad.

The upcoming conference will discuss prospective macro- and micro-economic developments, political and strategic scenarios as well as policy responses. Topics will include: predictions and trends in the global economy; political scenarios in post-election US, the future of the EU, East Asia, and Africa; geopolitical developments and forecasts.

This year, the conference will also focus on the effects of the information revolution on our lives and the ways in which technology is reshaping the economic, business, social and cultural environment. ‎The transition from simple digitalization to integrated technologies blurs the lines between the physical world and the world of biology and technology, and has already been called the "fourth industrial revolution." It is characterized by an exponential pace of change that sheds new light on paradigms in virtually every industry, in practically every country. The 2016 ‎Israel Business Conference will examine the opportunities and challenges facing the State of Israel by the breadth and depth of these global processes.
The Israel Business Conference partners with journalists from leading media outlets such as The Financial Times, The Economist, CNN, Bloomberg Television, and Advertising Age. ‎Taking part in the discussions are senior researchers from leading research institutes, such as the Milken Institute, Brookings Institution, The Washington Institute, PEW, IISS, and leading universities:  INSEAD, Harvard and so forth.

Globes, Israel's business newspaper, leads the Israeli business agenda and provides essential news, commentary, data and analysis for the domestic and global business community. The newspaper is recognized in Israel for its integrity and accuracy. Globes’ readers include Israel’s business elite- 75% of them hold senior management and executive positions in the investment, economy, high tech, law, accounting, marketing and digital sectors.

Keynote speakers at Globes' conferences have included:
The President of Israel, Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Bank of Israel. 

Angel Gurría , Secretary-General, OECD; Dr. Jason Furman , Chairman, President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers and a member of the Cabinet; Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum; Dr. Ben Bernanke , Chairman , US Federal Reserve (special recorded interview); Prof. Stanley Fischer, NY Council on Foreign Relations, Former Governor of the Bank of Israel; Dr. Alan Greenspan, Chairman, US Federal Reserve Board (1987-2006); Jin Liqun, Chairman, China Investment Corporation (CIC) – responsible for managing China's foreign exchange reserves ; Dr. Maurice Obstfeld, Counsellor and Director in the Research Department, International Monetary Fund; Marc Brown, General Manager and Head of M&A – Microsoft; Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company; Dr. Jim O'Neill, Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management; Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company; Charles (Chuck) Davidson, Chairman and CEO, Noble Energy; Prof. Anat Admati, Professor of Finance and Economics , The Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; Prof. Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science ,University of California, Berkeley; Richard Quest, Journalist & TV Host, CNN; Gideon Rachman, Associate Editor & Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times; David Wessel, Economics Editor, The Wall Street Journal; Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, the Financial Times; Wu Chen, Chinese Editor, The Economist; to name just a few.


ראובן (רובי) ריבלין / צילום לעמ H.E. Mr. Reuven Rivlin President of Israel
ראובן (רובי) ריבלין / צילום לעמ
ראובן (רובי) ריבלין / צילום לעמ
משה כחלון / צילום: לעמ Moshe Kahalon Minister of Finance
משה כחלון / צילום: לעמ
משה כחלון / צילום: לעמ
איילת שקד / צילום: יונתן בלום Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice
איילת שקד / צילום: יונתן בלום
איילת שקד / צילום: יונתן בלום
גילה גמליאל / צילום: תמר מצפי Gila Gamliel Minister for Social Equality
גילה גמליאל / צילום: תמר מצפי
גילה גמליאל / צילום: תמר מצפי
אופיר אקוניס, שר המדע והטכנולוגיה / צילום: תמר מצפי Ofir Akunis Minister of Science, Technology and Space
אופיר אקוניס, שר המדע והטכנולוגיה / צילום: תמר מצפי
אופיר אקוניס, שר המדע והטכנולוגיה / צילום: תמר מצפי
קרנית פלוג / צילום: איל יצהר Dr. Karnit Flug Governor of the Bank of Israel
קרנית פלוג / צילום: איל יצהר
קרנית פלוג / צילום: איל יצהר
פרנק המסקרק Frank Heemskerk Executive Director
World Bank Group
פרנק המסקרק

Frank Heemskerk took up his function as Executive Director at the World Bank Group representing the Constituency of Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine in April 2013.

Mr. Heemskerk is chair of the Audit Committee of the World Bank Group.
From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Heemskerk was member of the Executive Board of Royal HaskoningDHV, an independent, engineering and project management consultancy with 7000 staff members and 100 offices worldwide. He was in charge of the business lines Water, Buildings, Infrastructure and responsible for Group Finance and ICT.

Mr. Heemskerk served from 2007 to 2010 as Minister for Foreign Trade of the Netherlands. During this period he was also responsible for the Post, Telecom&ICT, Consumer Policy and Tourism.
From 2003 to 2006, he was member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, where he was spokesperson for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) on financial supervision, economic affairs and health care reforms. He started his career in 1995 at ABN AMRO where he has held various positions until 2003.
Frank Heemskerk is co-author (with Professor Dolf van den Brink) of a book on the impact of ageing on the Dutch society (2006).

Frank Heemskerk is married and has a daughter and a son.

פרנק המסקרק
Alan Dershowitz 2013 / צילום: PR Prof. Alan Dershowitz Professor of Law, Emeritus,
Harvard Law School
Alan Dershowitz 2013 / צילום: PR

Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz
Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus,
Harvard Law School

Alan M. Dershowitz is Brooklyn native who has been called "the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer" and one of its "most distinguished defenders of individual rights," "the best-known criminal lawyer in the world, "America’s most public Jewish defender" and "Israel’s single most visible defender – the Jewish state’s lead attorney in the court of public opinion." ...

Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, joined the Harvard Law School faculty at age 25 after clerking for Judge David Bazelon and Justice Arthur Goldberg and quickly became the youngest tenured full professor in the school's history. Professor Dershowitz is the author of more than 35 fiction and non-fiction works with a worldwide audience. His titles include The Case For Israel; The Case For Peace; Chutzpah; Rights From Wrong; Preemption, Blasphemy: How the Religious Right is Hijacking the Declaration of Independence ; and exceptional, action-packed novels like The Trials of Zion; and Just Revenge as well as recent works written for timely purposes such as a guide for voting in the 2016 US election aptly titled Electile Dysfunction, a Guide for the Unaroused Voter; The Case Against the Iran Deal; and Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas; books with Jewish themes such as Abraham: The World's First (But Certainly Not Last) Jewish Lawyer ; and The Genesis of Justice: Ten Stories of Biblical Injustice that Led to the Ten Commandments and Modern Law; and his autobiography Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law .

Prof. Dershowitz has received numerous honors. In 1983, the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith presented him with the William O. Douglas First Amendment Award for his "compassionate eloquent leadership and persistent advocacy in the struggle for civil and human rights." In presenting the award, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel said: "If there had been a few people like Alan Dershowitz during the 1930s and 1940s, the history of European Jewry might have been different."

Alan Dershowitz 2013 / צילום: PR
Richard Quest 2015 / צילום: PR RICHARD QUEST Host of "Quest Means Business" ,CNN
Richard Quest 2015 / צילום: PR


Host of "Quest Means Business" ,CNN

Richard Quest is CNN's foremost international business correspondent and esenter of Quest Means Business; the definitive word on how we earn and spend our money. Based in New York, he is one of the most instantly recognizable members of the CNN team.
Quest Means Business, destroys the myth that business is boring, bridging the gap between hard economics and entertaining television. CEOs and global finance ministers make a point of appearing on QMB. Guests of the show have included world leaders such as David Cameron and Petr Necas of the Czech Republic; the biggest names in banking such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and Robert Zoellick, the former President of the World Bank.
Quest’s dynamic and distinctive style has made him a unique figure in the field of business broadcasting. He has regularly reported from G20 meetings and attends the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland each year.
In 2012 Quest covered the US Election campaign with his own series, American Quest, in which he travelled across the country interviewing a diverse range of voters.

Quest is also the face of CNN’s coverage of major UK events. In 2012 he guided an international audience through the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations live from the banks of the River Thames and used his expert knowledge fner.
Prior to joining CNN he worked at the BBC, where he was the North America business correspondent, based on Wall Street for 12 years.
Quest is British, holds an LLB (Hons) degree in Law from Leeds University, and was called to the Bar.of the British Royal Family to front the channel’s coverage of the 2011 marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
His coverage of breaking news, which has spanned two decades, has seen him report on a range of stories from, the death of Yasser Arafat, the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 crash to the death of Michael Jackson. Quest is more than just business; there are few journalists who have had guests as varied, from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama to actress Joan Collins to founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh He

Richard Quest 2015 / צילום: PR
Alasdair Ross / צילום: PR Alasdair Ross Editor
The Economist Magazine
Alasdair Ross / צילום: PR

Alasdair Ross,
Countries Editor for "The World in 2017" Magazine
Global Product Director, Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist Magazine

Alasdair Ross is a specialist in global economic, political and business trends. 

"The World In"... is a yearly magazine offering predictions for the year ahead across global business, politics, technology, and culture.

Alasdair also has a number of direct editorial responsibilities, including devising and publishing special reports on issues of global significance and providing monthly video commentary on the outlook for the global economy.

His experience and responsibilities give him a strong insight into the threats and opportunities posed to multinational corporations by global developments and the strategies those companies use for capturing opportunity and managing risk. He brings these insights to high-level audiences around the world in an engaging and stimulating manner, bringing complex issues to life in bright and straightforward language.

Before joining the Economist Intelligence Unit, Alasdair worked as a business journalist and consultant specialising in Latin America. He has written for major national newspapers and magazines and for a number of specialised books and newsletters.

Alasdair Ross / צילום: PR
LUKE BAKER / צילום: PR Luke Baker Jerusalem Bureau Chief
LUKE BAKER / צילום: PR

Luke Baker,
Jerusalem Bureau Chief
Reuters Israel

Luke Baker, Jerusalem Bureau Chief at Reuters, is an International news correspondent with nearly 20 years' experience reporting in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia, with specialist knowledge over the past four years of the European debt crisis and EU foreign policy. From Jerusalem, I oversee a 60-strong multimedia team covering Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

Since joining Reuters in 1998, I have reported from more than 40 countries, with postings in Johannesburg, Rome, Baghdad, Jerusalem, London and Brussels. Coverage has included conflict and security issues in Iraq, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and broader political and social affairs in Britain, Italy, across Europe and in Southern Africa.

Before joining Reuters I worked in New York and London covering finance and economics for an Internet start-up. In Brussels, I managed a team of 20 text, TV and picture correspondents covering the EU, NATO and Belgium.

LUKE BAKER / צילום: PR
דורית סלינגר / צילום אוריה תדמור Dorit Salinger Commissioner of Capital Markets, Insurance & Savings
דורית סלינגר / צילום אוריה תדמור
דורית סלינגר / צילום אוריה תדמור

Program Full Program

The Global Economy Risks, Opportunities and Forecasts

Sunday, December 11th 9:00-11:30am

H.E. Mr. Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

"The World in 2017"
Alasdair Ross, Countries Editor, "The World in 2017", The Economist

Ari Pinto, CEO, Bank Hapoalim

Prof. Roger E. A. Farmer, Distinguished Professor of Economics, UCLA

Dr. David Folkerts-Landau, Chief Economist &  Global Head of Research Deutsche Bank

Prof. François Bourguignon , Emeritus Chair, Paris School of Economics

Prof. Christopher Balding, Associate Professor, Peking University

Moderator: Richard Quest, Host "Quest Means Business," CNN

Managing Big Money Monetary Policies and Investments

Sunday, December 11th 12:00-1:30pm

Eli Yones, former CEO, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank

Ehud Shapira, Chairman, Psagot Investments House

Moderator: Shai Shalev, Editor, Capital Markets, Globes

Dorit Salinger, Commissioner of Capital Markets, Insurance & Savings 

Dr. Hedva Bar, Supervisor of Banks, Bank of Israel 

Prof. Shmuel Hauser, Chairman, Israel Securities Authority

One-on-One: Dr. Karnit Flug, Governor of the Bank of Israel and Richard Quest, Host "Quest Means Business," CNN

Changes in the Real Estate Landscape

Sunday, December 11th 12:00-1:30pm

Amir Levi, Director of Budgets Department, Ministry of Finance

CPA Avigdor Itchaky, Chairman of Housing Headquarters, Ministry of Finance

Issac Blumenthal
, CEO, Ashdod Port

Dr. Izhak Lax, Chairman, Amidar, the Israel National Housing

Sagi Eitan,  CEO of Property & Building

Haim Bibas, Mayor, Modiin Maccabim Reut & Chairman, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

Oded Gvuli, City Engineer, Tel Aviv Municipality

Moderator: Dror Marmor, Real Estate Editor, Globes

"It's the economy…" What is holding back growth?

Sunday, December 11th 2:00-3:30pm

Overview: Adv. Uriel Lynn, President, Israel Federation Chambers of Commerce

Avi Catz, Entrepreneur President, Hagshama Foundation & Founder, Cofix

Asi Shmeltzer, Chairman , Shlomo Holdings

Moni.S.Barr, Honorary Consul, Republic Of Bulgaria

Yafit Greenberg, Chairwoman, G Group

Amir Shani, Owner & CEO, Amit Group

Israela Stier-Einstein, President, Stier Group

Moderator: Yuval Azulai, Defense and Industrial Correspondent

New Definitions in a Changing World People, Companies and Technology in 2025

Sunday, December 11th 2:00-3:30pm

Avi Nisankorn, Chairman, Histadrut Union

Leslie H. Moeller
, Global Leader, Strategy&

How Technology will Affect our Lives in 2025
Dr. Chris Brauer, Founder & Senior Lecturer, Centre for Creative & Social Technologies, Goldsmiths University

One-on-One: Prof. Yitzhak Peterburg, Chairman, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Yossi Vardi, Internet Entrepreneur

Bringing Back Growth Prospects

Sunday, December 11th 4:00-5:15pm

Dror Strum, Director, The Israeli Center for Economic Planning

Adv. Yoram Gabay, Economist

MK Eli Cohen, Chairman, Reforms Committee

CPA. Reuven Shiff, Partner & co-Founder, RSM Shiff Hazenfratz

CPA Iris Stark, Partner, Stark & Stark

Adv. Dror Strum, President, The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning

Dr. Michael Sarael, Head, Kohelet Economic Forum

Moderator: Amiram Barkat, Macroeconomic Correspondent, Globes

Cautious Optimism Normalizing Political Relations between Turkey & Israel

Sunday, December 11th 4:00-5:15pm

Prof. Ahmet K. Han, Senior Lecturer of stategic affairs of the Middle East

Hasan Akçakayalıoğlu, Chairman & CEO, BankPozitif of Turkey

Yaffa Ben-Ari, Head of Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Gallia Lindenstraus, Researcher, Institute for National Security Studies

Moderator: Menashe Carmon, Chairman, Israel-Turkey Business Council

Labor Productivity

Sunday, December 11th 4:00-5:15pm

Frank Heemskerk, Executive Director, World Bank 

One-on-One: Prof. Avi Simhon, Chairman, National Economic Council, Prime Minister's Office and Irit Avisar , Deputy Editor Capital Market, Globes

MK Aymen Odeh, Chairman, "Joint List" party

Prof. Zvi Eckstein, Dean, Arison School of Business & Tiomkin School of Economics, The Interdisciplinary Center

Daphna Aviram-Nitzan , Director the Center for Governance and the Economy, The Israel Democracy Institute

Eitan Regev, Senior Researcher, Taub Center

Moderator: Stella Koren-Liber, Senior Commentator, Globes

Bringing the Periphery Back to the Middle

Sunday, December 11th 4:00-5:15pm

Gila Gamliel, Minister for Social Equality

Eshel Armoni, Director General, Ministry of Housing and Construction

MK Itzik Shmuli, Zionist Camp

Ruth Polachek, CEO, she codes

Alon Davidi, Mayor, Sderot

Dr. Yasir Hujirat, CEO, Alfanar

Dr. Yeela Raanan, Management and Public Policy Department, Sapir College, Sderot

Moderator: Moshe Lichtman, Commentator, Globes

Seeds of Hope AgriTech-National Growth Engine

Sunday, December 11th 5:30-7:00pm

Oscar Chemerinski, Director, Global Corporate Coverage, IFC-The World Bank Group

Prof. Oded Shosayov
, Nano-Biotechnology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Scientific founder, Futuragene, CollPlant, Melodea CannaBitech and Biobetter

Prof. Uri Shani, Department of Soil and Water Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & entrepreneur of Novel Agricultural Technologies

Dr. Avi Perl, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture

Adi Vagman, Founder & Managing Partner, AgriNation VC

Moderator: Dr. Eugene Kandel, CEO, Start-up Nation Central

40 Under 40 The Young Promising Leaders
Cyber Threats Building New Business Models

Sunday, December 11th 5:30-7:00pm

Dr. Yaniv Harel , GM Cyber Solutions Group, Dell EMC; Head of Research Strategy of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC), Tel Aviv University

Rob Knake, Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Ron Shvili, CTO & V.P of Technology & Engineering, CellcomP

Guy Mizrahi, CEO, Cyberia

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, General Manager, Azure Cybersecurity,

Inbar Raz, Chief Researcher, PerimeterX

Yiftah Ron-Tal, Director, Israel Electric Corporation

Marc Van Zadelhoff, General Manager, IBM Security

Moderator: Matan Scharf
, Founder & CEO, cycuro & Strategic Advisor, Blavatnik ICRC

Israel's Global Standing Taking on the Tough Questions

Sunday, December 11th 7:30-9:30pm

One-on-One: Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, Harvard Law School and Luke Baker, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Reuters

Economy, Society, Security The Great Powers and their Impact on the Middle East

Monday, December 12th 9:30-10:45am

Hagai Golan, Editor-in-Chief, Globes

Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz
, Civil Liberties Lawyer & former Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Shiv Malik, Author and former Investigative Journalist, The Guardian

Dr. Patrick Clawson, Morningstar Senior Fellow and Director of Research, Washington Institute

David Wertime, Senior Editor, Tea Leaf Nation, Foreign Policy

Moderator: Richard Quest, Host "Quest Means Business," CNN

Changing Paradigms Securing Economic Growth

Monday, December 12th 11:15am-12:30pm

Yair Seroussi, Chairman, Bank Hapoalim and President, Israel Bank Association

One-on-One: Eli Groner, Director General, Prime Minister's Office and Hagai Golan , Editor-in-Chief, Globes

Cyber as an Economic Driver
Dr. Eviatar Matania, Head of the National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister Office

One-on-One: Moshe Kahalon , Minister of Finance and Eli Tzipori , Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Globes


The Future of Middle Class Global Economic Policies, Growth and Inequality

Monday, December 12th 1:15-2:45pm

Prof. François Bourguignon, Emeritus Chair, Paris School of Economics

Prof. Branko Milanovic, Senior Scholar, LIS Center Visiting Presidential Professor, The Graduate Center CUNY

Prof. Leah Achdut, The Economics and Management Department, The Ruppin Academic Center and The Vanleer Jerusalem Institute

Shiv Malik, Author and former Investigative Journalist, The Guardian

Moderator: Amiram Barkat, Macroeconomic Correspondent, Globes

International Investments Markets & Commodities

Monday, December 12th 1:15-2:45pm

Prof. Christopher Balding, 
Associate Professor, Peking University

Amrita Sen, Co-founder & Chief Oil Analyst Energy Aspects

Ori Greenfeld, Chief Economist, Psagot  Investments House

Ronit Harel Ben Zeev, CEO, S&P Maalot

Moderator: Michael S. Arnold, Israel Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

Measuring Peace in the Middle East Political Changes beside Economic Opportunities

Monday, December 12th 3:15-5:00pm

Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice

Overview: Koby Huberman
, Co-founder, Israel Peace Initiative

Elena Panaritis, CEO and Founder, Thought for Action

Riad Al-Khouri, Middle East Director, GeoEconomica GmbH

Elias Zananiri, Deputy Head, Palestinian Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society

Moderator: Michael S. Arnold , Israel Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

The Gaza First Initiative: Economic development of the Gaza Strip & Northern Sinai

Shlomi Fogel, Chairman, Ampa Group

Youssef Alzeem, CEO, Everest Trading, Gaza

Nabil Bowab , Businessman, Gaza

Douglas J. Feith , Director of Center for National Security Strategies, Hudson Institute

Moderator: Amiram Barkat, Macroeconomic Correspondent, Globes

Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice
Moderators: Hen Maanit , Legal Correspondent, Globes and Hagai Golan , Editor-in-Chief, Globes

The Future of Healthcare National Growth Drivers

Monday, December 12th 1:15-2:45pm

Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Director General, Ministry of Health

Dr. Kira Radinsky,
Chief Scientist, Director of Data Science, eBay

Shai-lee Spigelman, Director, , National Digital Bureau

Dr. Yitzhak Berlovich, CEO, Wolfson Medical Center & Reboot Forum's Delegate

Prof. Roni Gamzu, CEO, Ichilov Hospital

Ran Saar, CEO, Maccabi Healthcare Services

Prof. Dov Chernichovsky
, Emeritus Professor, Department of Health Systems Management , Ben Gurion University

Prof Leonid Eidelman, President, Israeli Medical Association

Moderator: Shai Niv, Health Correspondent and Commentator, Globes

Business Strategy in a Digital Age

Monday, December 12th 1:15-2:45pm

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts, USA

Sébastien Badault, Managing Director, Alibaba Group France

Dr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist; Director-General, Innovation and Industrial Research and Development, Ministry of Economy

Moti Elmaliach, CEO, Bezeq International

MK Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin, Zionist Camp

Shelly Landsmann, CEO, Microsoft

Moderator: Udi Aharoni, CEO, Lahav, School of Management, Tel Aviv University


Africa's Economic Promise

Monday, December 12th 3:15-5:00pm

Dr. Diane Karusis, CEO, Bank of Kigali

Sivan Ya'ari, Founder & CEO of Innovation: Africa

Herman Kojo Chinery-Hesse, Co-Founder, SOFTtribe

Yvonne Ike, Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Prof. Galia Sabar, President, Ruppin Academic Center

Peter Sullivan, Managing Director and Head of the Public Sector Group, Africa at Citigroup

Yariv Cohen, Chairman, Kaenaat Impact Investments

Moderator: Prof. Glenn Yago, Senior Director, Milken Innovation Center - The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

Leading the Future Leadership & Innovation in a Changing World

Monday, December 12th 6:00-8:00pm

One-on-One: Morris Kahn, Businessman, Philanthropist & Space IL Chairman and Alasdair Ross, Countries Editor, "The World in 2017", The Economist 

One-on-one: Ofir Akunis, Minister of Science, Technology and Space and Liat Ron, Globes

SpaceIL- Landing the First Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon
Dr. Eran Privman, CEO, SpaceIL

Dr. Meir Ariel, Director General, Herzliya Science Center

Major Gen. (Res.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, Chairman, Israel Space Agency

Opher Doron, Vice President & General Manager at the Space Division, Israel Aerospace Industry

Prof. Ehud Behar, Astrophysicist and Space Researcher

Keren Shahar Adv, Director at the Treaties Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Arie Halsband, Founder & CEO, Effective Space

Moderator: Dr. Deganit Paikowsky, Senior Fellow, Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, Tel Aviv University

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