Liat Mordechay Hertanu

Co-Founder, 24me

Sector: Time management applications

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - ליאת מרדכי / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal : 39 | Married with three children | BSc in computer science from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center ; Executive International MBA, Saint Louis University, USA




A digital personal assistant that organizes the schedule, meetings, notes, and tasks automatically in one place.

"What's special about us is that the things that go with these actions, such as navigation to a meeting and sending emails, are accomplished with a single click from within the product itself. In birthday reminders, there's a gifts button that leads to a virtual store for buying gifts, and there's also an option for paying bills.

"In early 2018, we'll add automation of tasks, so that a person will receive a user experience of a personal assistant that not only reminds you of tasks, but also helps you complete them, including personal tasks, knows in advance what you have to do, and does it for you. We're currently in first place in App Store and Google Play for personal assistants. Millions of people from all over the world use our apps."

Effective management tools

"I produce a daily master plan that coordinates everything to do with the day's schedule. I try not to flood it with spam tasks that can't be carried out. Planning needs to be realistic, and it's preferable for it to begin with a few achievable tasks, so that completing them will create optimism and a desire to continue getting things done.

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Advice to a young female entrepreneur

"Coordinate expectations with the people close to you. You're starting a journey that's difficult, including economically, because you usually don't make money at the beginning when you found a startup. It's legitimate to buy help - hire people to help in household tasks - anything that will give you more time. From a professional viewpoint, it's important to talk about the idea, because there's a long way to go between the idea and implementing it. The more comfortable you feel with yourself, the better the things that will come from you."

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