Dr. Inna Schneiderman

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, NeuroApplied

Field: Marketing and branding

Capital raised: 650,000$

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - אינה שניידרמן / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal: 39 | Single | Ph.D. Neurological Sciences, Bar-Ilan University


"Our technology measures what customers really think about brands without asking them directly. Current methods are based on long and exhaustive questionnaires. On the contrary, our technology uses gamification in order to collect the data. Then the technology utilizes neuroscience and artificial intelligence to reveal brands' subconscious associations."

Founding a startup

Developing a concept. "Dr. Elhanan Meirovithz and me began by working on the development of tracking eye movements on the computer screen and we tried to make improvements to retail websites. We developed the product, came to customers and they told us 'well done, this is interesting but we don't really need it.' One of the customers said that she wanted to understand her consumers and what they really think about the product."

"We started looking for a method that it would be possible to apply to the industry, and after a year of research, reading up and understanding the field, we arrived at this method. During the year, I was mainly living off teaching and savings. I lived very modestly and shared an apartment with two others. One of the best decisions we have made was adding the third co-founder, CEO Lior Moyal."

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

"Many people think that entrepreneurship is for programmers. If you haven't studied computers, then you aren't suited for it. But technology is just a tool. You can innovate in any field. An entrepreneur needs to change all the time and to know that every startup changes in the course of its existence.

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Learning from failure

"In the project in which we examined eye movements, we worked for nothing in a garage.

"We invested a great deal of time and we thought that everybody would want to know about it. The reality was different, but I learned that every time a door closes, another one opens. If one thing doesn't work out, find another way to reach customers, to identify their need as fast as possible."

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