Nitzan Gal

Co-Founder and CMO, Bllush

Field: ecommerce

Lady Globes Leading Entrepreneurs 2017 - ניצן גל / צילום: ענבל מרמרי

Personal: 28 | Single | BA in accounting and MBA from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center


Technology that helps ecommerce websites to personally contact customers during the purchasing process. "Our goal is to change the online shopping experience. We operate mainly in fashion, interior decoration, and travel, in which shopping is driven by emotion. We help websites achieve exposure in the hundreds of thousands.

"I realized how much the fear we feel about an idea or move in entrepreneurship is the first step towards success in it. There's a tendency to keep away from fear, but it actually shows progress and growth, and helps you realize that you're going in the right direction. You have to take this fear, adopt it, and put everything into it."

Effective management tools

"I was a company commander at IDF Training Base 1, where I realized that everything begins and ends with people, and if I want to lead something, I have to harness them to the mission. You can only do that if you understand who you're dealing with and what motivates them."


"My parents come from high tech. My mother is an entrepreneur who's working on a new venture that hasn't reached the market yet, and my father is CFO in a bio-medical company. They are my mentors. I learn from my father about things like negotiating, analytical thinking, and analytic and strategic capabilities. From my mother I take incorrigible optimism, belief in myself and in my ability and intuition, and original and creative thinking. This combination helps me deal with and leverage many situations in my life."

Learning from mistakes

"Since startups are still more of a masculine environment, in meetings I have sometimes found myself the only woman in the room. Something in this situation made me talk less and not express my opinions fully.

"Along the way, I realized that I wasn't doing myself or the company any good, and took care to make my views heard even when I felt that I was a minority of one. The majority opinion isn't always right, even if is stated more assertively. It's important to give my slant on things, even if it is unconventional."

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