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New construction in Israel credit: Shutterstock Housing prices rising despite high interest rates

Israeli government policy is pushing up housing prices rather than the war itself, with dwindling supply and reliance on lotteries for young couples.

Homebiogas founders credit: Homebiogas Supplying green cooking gas to the developing world

Over 40,000 families in 100 countries use Israeli company Homebiogas's products, replacing the polluting wood and coal used for indoor cooking.

UBQ cofounder and CEO Jack (Tato) Bigio credit: UBQ UBQ turns household waste into organic plastic

Listed as one of TIME magazine's "Best inventions of 2023," the Israeli company's customers include Mercedes, McDonald’s, and PepsiCo.

Yotav Costica  credit: More Mutual Funds "Tel Aviv stocks are rightly cheap"

Yotav Costica of More Investment House explains why the war has hit securities but not the shekel, and warns of the impact on future generations of Israel's expensive debt.

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia  credit: Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein El Al's CEO on doing it her way

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia talks to Eran Gefen about aiming for the top, those ticket prices, and how she has kept El Al flying straight in wartime.

Natan Sharansky  credit: Alex Kolomoisky Sharansky: In prison I was freer than my interrogators

Natan Sharansky, a symbol of Jewish national pride, expresses optimism about Israel’s future, but says Netanyahu has held power too long, and is unsparingly critical of divisiveness.

Pret a Manger credit: Shutterstock Pret a Manger: Reimann family succumbs to anti-Semitism

Despite founding the Landecker Foundation to fight anti-Semitism and atone for its Nazi past, the Reimann family has caved in to BDS demands to keep Pret a Manger out of Israel.

Unicorn illustration: Gil Gibli Is Israel's tech industry bouncing back?

Investments, mergers and acquisitions, and salaries are rising despite the war but industry experts warn that the latest recovery may not be sustainable.

Tech workers protest Israel cooperation credit: Cristina Matuozzi Reuters Anti-Israel activists tackle US tech giants

Although activist shareholder motions fail, the publicity creates an atmosphere in which companies are discouraged from cooperating with Israel. "Globes" investigates.

Joshua Burgin credit: Nick Hanyok imaging "The golden age of Jews in America is cracking"

He was among Amazon's first 100 employees, and served in senior positions in US tech companies, but the October 7 attack prompted Joshua Burgin to switch to a young Israeli startup.

Reda Masarwa  credit: Intel The Israeli doing the nuts and bolts of Intel's revolution

VP of Fab Construction Engineering Reda Masarwa lives in his native town Tayibe, but oversees factory construction for Intel in Israel and around the world.

Miri Regev  credit: Amit Shabi, Yedioth Ahronoth Miri Regev must not remain transport minister one more day

After Channel 13's exposure of the way narrow political considerations guide policy at the Ministry of Transport, Regev has lost all public legitimacy.

Dr. Yaron Daniely (left) and Dr. Ronny Gal  credit: Cadya Levy The exec who decides which drugs Novartis will develop

Dr. Ronny Gal, Novartis's Chief Strategy and Growth Officer: Our aim is that half our innovative products should come from outside the company.

Indian mynah bird in Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv Fewer butterflies, more invaders: Nature in retreat in Israel

The 2023 report on the state of nature in Israel makes grim reading.

"We trained for a lot more than this"

An Israeli combat navigator shares his experience of preparing for an Iranian attack, and the night it happened.

Ambassador Jack Lew  credit: Cadya Levy "Integrating Arabs isn't just the right thing; it's the smart thing"

US ambassador to Israel Jack Lew speaks to Globes about Arabs in Israeli society, US-Israel relations, normalization with Saudi Arabia, and his concern for the hostages.

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