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MARKET co-CEOs eran Zinman and Roy Mann credit: Netanel Tobias Short seller Hedgeye sees 30% downside in

The US hedge fund researcher is out of step with the analysts covering the Israeli work operating system company, which see an upside in

Egged bus credit: Shutterstock Keystone to buy remaining 40% Egged stake

When the deal is completed, Keystone will have paid NIS 4.8 billion for 100% of the bus company, with each member receiving NIS 3.7 million for their stake.

Shekels credit: Shutterstock Vladerina32 Shekel shrugs off volatility despite ongoing war

After 18 months of volatility due to the judicial reform and war, analysts explain why the shekel has stabilized in recent months and speculate on its future direction.

Investment reform  credit: Shutterstock, Eyal Izhar  processing: Tali Bogadnovsky Investment fund reforms come into effect July 1

The new rules are intended to make comparison between fund managers easier, and to limit exposure to single indices such as Nasdaq.

Energean CEO Mathios Rigas  credit: Eyal Izhar Carlyle to buy Energean's Egyptian, Italian, Croatian assets

Carlyle International Energy Partners will pay up to $945 million for the Greek energy company's portfolio in Egypt, Italy and Croatia.

Moti Ben-Moshe credit: Tamar Matsafi Dor Alon buys 75% stake in Kafu Zan

The gas station chain is buying control of the Kafu Zan chilled and frozen food company for NIS 120-130 million.

Acting Government Cos Authority director Yanki Quint  credit: Yossi Zamir Gov't Cos Authority chief demands progress on IAI flotation

The government decided on a plan to privatize Israel Aerospace Industries nearly four years ago, but the process has been stuck ever since.

Eitan Yochananof and Eyal Ravid credit: Eyal Izhar and Tali Bogdanovsky Supermarket CEOs summoned to criminal hearing on price fixing

The Israel Competition Authority will give Yochananof CEO Eitan Yochananof, Victory CEO Eyal Ravid and others a hearing before an indictment is filed on cartel arrangements.

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu credit: Reuters/Pool Bond yields make danger to Israel's economy plain

Amid the military uncertainties, with the spread widening between Israeli and US government bonds, all eyes are on economic policy.

Benny Landa  credit: Miguel Gutierrez At 78, Benny Landa is still ambitious, but also worried

The restlessly inventive Landa, with huge successes to his name (and some failures), wants to contribute 2% to Israel's GDP, but warns: If our economy collapses, so will our defense.

Rapyd credit: Rapyd Rapyd to lay off 30 and replace them overseas

Those being dismissed in Israewl will be replaced by teams in Eastern Europe, South Africa, and elsewhere where labor is cheaper.

A TSG system in tactical use  credit: PR Defense technology co TSG seeks NIS 500m IPO valuation

TSG IT Advanced Systems' command and control systems are in use by the IDF from the General Staff downwards.

Kibbutz company exits  credit; Tali Bogdanovsky Why prosperous kibbutz industry shuns the stock market

Some listed kibbutz companies give excellent returns, but there have been no new flotations for a decade, as kibbutz members turn to private equity instead.

Gilat Communications  / Photo: Tamar Matsafi, Globes Gilat to acquire US co Stellar Blu for $245m

Stellar Blu has developed antennae for in-flight Internet connectivity that complement Gilat's solutions in this field.

Teva CEO Richard Francis  credit: Teva spokesperson Teva again king of Tel Aviv castle

After a 130% rise in its share price in the last year, the pharmaceuticals company has left the big two banks and Nice a long way behind.

PayBox app  credit: PayBox Discount Bank completes buyout of PayBox from Shufersal

Discount Bank is paying NIS 77 million for Shufersal's 49.9% stake in the payments app, which it sees as a strategic asset.

Mortgage taking rises credit: Unsplash Mortgage taking in Israel at highest since 2022

Mortgage taking rose to NIS 7.8 billion in May 2024, according to initial figures released by the Bank of Israel today - the highest figure since September 2022.

Nova CEO Gabi Waisman credit: Nova Nova nears record $7b market cap

The Israeli company's share price has risen by 73.2% since the start of the year and is trading at an all-time record high of $238.

Homebiogas founders credit: Homebiogas Supplying green cooking gas to the developing world

Over 40,000 families in 100 countries use Israeli company Homebiogas's products, replacing the polluting wood and coal used for indoor cooking.

Sugat rice credit: Tali Bogdanovksy Fortissimo plans TASE IPO for Sugat

The Israeli private equity firm is considering the flotation of the food company at a valuation of NIS 1 billion.

Ehud Barak Photo: Eyal Izhar US private equity firm in talks to buy cyberattack co Paragon

Sources have told "Globes" that the Israeli company, in which Ehud Barak was a founding investor, has been given a valuation of over $1 billion.

El Al  credit: Dani Sadeh El Al in talks to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

The Israeli carrier will pay up to $2.5 billion for the aircraft, which will be delivered over several years from 2027.

Perion CEO Tal Jacobson credit: Ohad Dayan Perion plummets on more Bing changes

The Israeli digital ad company has now announced that Microsoft Bing is excluding a number of publishers from its search distribution marketplace.

Stock market  credit: Shutterstock Short selling making some Israeli stocks highly volatile

Last week, Mobileye shot up by 16%, while ZIM plunged by a similar amount. What lies behind the phenomenon?

Altshuler Shaham Finance CEO  Yair Levinstein  credit: Sam Itzhakov Altshuler Shaham enters non-bank credit

The investment house is acquiring 80% of CrediTeam for NIS 27 million.

PayBox CEO Arik Frishman  credit: Ilan Besor Discount Bank in talks to buy out Shufersal's PayBox stake

The price for Shufersal's 49.9% holding in the payments app is NIS 77 million. Discount Bank sees the buyout as a strategic move to enlarge its customer base.

Rani Zim  credit: Meir Edri Psagot signs MoU to buy military robot co Roboteam

The Israeli unmanned ground vehicles company, which develops and manufactures robots for military and security missions, is valued at $40 million.

Yitzhak Tshuva eyes Isracard credit: Tamar Matsafi and Tali Bogdanovsky Yitzhak Tshuva eyes Isracard stake

The Israeli credit card company, operating without a controlling core, is attracting attention from the Delek Group controlling shareholder, sources inform "Globes."

Yotav Costica  credit: More Mutual Funds "Tel Aviv stocks are rightly cheap"

Yotav Costica of More Investment House explains why the war has hit securities but not the shekel, and warns of the impact on future generations of Israel's expensive debt.

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia  credit: Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein El Al's CEO on doing it her way

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia talks to Eran Gefen about aiming for the top, those ticket prices, and how she has kept El Al flying straight in wartime.

Bank of Israel credit: Shutterstock Israel's forex reserves back on the rise

Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of May 2024 stood at $210.508 billion, an increase of $2.399 billion from their level at the end of April, the Bank of Israel reports.

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