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Knesset plenum credit: Amos Ben-Gershom GPO 130 top economists warn gov't policy endangers Israel's existence

In a harshly worded letter, the economists slam policies that impose a heavier economic and military burden on one part of the population as unsustainable.

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara at the Bar Association conference  credit: Israel Bar Association spokesperson Attorney General: Gov't undermining legal watchdogs

Gali Baharav-Miara told the Bar Association conference that checks and balances on government were being dismantled surreptitiously.

Sasha Troufanov  credit: Private source Amazon workers: Co discouraged action for abducted colleague

Amazon's silence on the abduction of hardware engineer Sasha Troufanov to the Gaza Strip is apparently a matter of policy.

International Court of Justice, The Hague  credit: Shutterstock/Ankor Light ICJ orders Israel to halt Rafah operation

The court found that there was an "immediate risk" to the civilian population, and that Israel's measures to protect civilians were inadequate.

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the scene of a terrorist attack  credit: Haim Zach, Government Press Office "Not a blow that Israel can shrug off"

"Globes" examines the consequences of the application by the  prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for arrest warrants against Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant.

Indian mynah bird in Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv Fewer butterflies, more invaders: Nature in retreat in Israel

The 2023 report on the state of nature in Israel makes grim reading.

Benny Gantz  credit: Marc Israel Sellem, The Jerusalem Post Gantz issues ultimatum to Netanyahu

Benny Gantz declares that his party will leave the government unless Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents a strategic plan for the Gaza Strip by June 8.

Ambassador Jack Lew  credit: Cadya Levy "Integrating Arabs isn't just the right thing; it's the smart thing"

US ambassador to Israel Jack Lew speaks to Globes about Arabs in Israeli society, US-Israel relations, normalization with Saudi Arabia, and his concern for the hostages.

IDF soldiers in action in the Gaza Strip  credit: IDF Spokesperson Five IDF soldiers killed by friendly fire

In the incident in the northern Gaza Strip, two tanks fired at a building that Paratroopers Brigade soldiers had entered.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu credit: Haim Zach GPO Biden administration advancing over $1b arms sales to Israel

The package comprises tank shells, tactical vehicles, and mortar bombs.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan  credit: Shutterstock/Mr. Claret Red Turkey rescinds relaxations on trade with Israel

Comments by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz forced the Turkish government into denying reports of renewed exports of construction materials.

Exports being loaded at Ashdod Port  credit: Tamar Matsafi Israeli exporters warned on South Africa

Ashra, the Israel Foreign Trade Risks insurance Corporation, says one outcome of political instability in South Africa could be a ban on payments to Israel.

UNRWA credit: Anas-Mohammed Shutterstock Belgian PM mulls trade sanctions against Israel over Gaza

Alexander De Croo told Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" that there are too many victims as a result of Israeli actions in Gaza.

Port of Gemlik in Turkey  credit: Shutterstock Turkish, Israel firms circumvent boycott

Turkish exporters are shipping goods to Israel via third countries. The Turkish government, however, is looking for broader political gains.

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan  credit: Shutterstock Azerbaijani oil continues flowing to Israel via Turkey

Azerbaijan maintains close relations both with Turkey and Israel, and is a major customer of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Credit: Shutterstock Turkey bans exports of all goods to Israeli ports

In a further crackdown on Israeli ties by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sources familiar with the matter have told "Globes" that exports of goods to Haifa and Ashdod ports have been prohibited.

Joe Biden  credit: Shutterstock US Senate passes Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan aid package

Having passed the House of Representatives on Saturday, the bill now goes to President Biden for signature.

The Capitol, Washington  credit: Shutterstock US House approves special aid for Israel

The $26.4 billion for Israel is part of a $95 billion package that also includes military aid for Ukraine and Taiwan.

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich credit: Noam Moskovich Knesset Spokesperson Cabinet approves budget cut despite Smotrich's opposition

In an unprecedented move the Cabinet in its final meeting before the Passover holiday today approved a flat budget cut in all ministries despite resolute opposition by the Minister of Finance.

Cars ready for export from Turkey in 2023  credit: Shutterstock Could car exports to Israel be Erdogan's next target?

Turkey is the fourth largest source of vehicles imported into Israel. Trade relations with China are looking less rosy as well.

Ashkelon April 14, 2024 credit: Reuters/Amir Cohen Iran launches massive aerial attack on Israel

99% of the threats were intercepted, but some damage was caused to a military base in the south of Israel, and a Bedouin child was injured by falling debris.

Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Credit: Shutterstock Israeli importers examine indirect routes from Turkey

Israeli importers mull bringing in Turkish goods via Slovenian ports, "Globes" has been told by sources close to the matter.

Ships await loading of exports in a Turkish port credit: Shutterstock "Nobody gains from a trade war"

Israel-Turkey Chamber of Commerce president Gad Shoshan warns that Turkey can hit Israel with more trade measures that will hurt.

Istanbul  credit: Shuterstock Turkey officially bans exports of 54 items to Israel

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan declared yesterday that steps would be taken against Israel after its refusal to allow Turkish aid to be parachuted into the Gaza Strip.

Shai Kedem  credit: Ron Rakach Another senior professional leaves Transport Ministry

Transport Planning Division head Shai Kedem has announced that he will step down.

Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave credit: Shutterstock Paddy Cosgrave back as Web Summit CEO

The Irish entrepreneur stepped down six months ago after condemning Israel's attack on Gaza, without mentioning Hamas's October 7 atrocities.

Joe Biden  credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque Israel's unwitting role in US global detachment

The Biden administration's disillusion with Israel must be seen in the context of wider foreign policy goals.

Joe Biden  credit: Shutterstock Israel condemned for aid worker deaths in Gaza

US President Biden:  Israel has not done enough to protect aid workers. IDF chief of staff Halevi: The strike was a mistake that followed a misidentification.

Shipping in Turkish territorial waters credit: Reuters Diego Cupolo Turkey blocking exports to Israel

Over the past five days, Turkey's government has either been delaying or not approving export consignments from Turkey to Israel.

Demonstrators at Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv call for elections. The writing on the road reads ''Go into recess and don't come back''   credit: @sha_b_p Hostages' families take to streets

Anti-government demonstrations are planned from today until Wednesday outside the Knesset, before it goes into recess.

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