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Energean FPSO platform  credit: Energean Israel and Lebanon seen agreeing maritime border in September

The deal will be signed, sources say, as Energean begins producing gas from the Karish field in the last week of September.

Paris credit: Shutterstock Strong shekel hits Israeli real estate cos in Europe

Raising debt in shekels for assets valued in euros and sterling has dealt a painful blow to the profits of Israeli real estate companies.

First to bow to pressure: Discount Bank raises deposit interest

Israel's banks have been quick to raise interest rates on loans; public criticism has been mounting of their failure to do so for deposits.

Carrefour credit: Stephane Mahe Reuters Yeinot Bitan to invest NIS 40m in Carrefour conversion

Israeli retail chain Yeinot Bitan will convert 25 supermarkets into Carrefour stores by the end of 2022.

Strauss-Elite confectionary factory in Nof Hagalil  credit: Strauss PR Strauss gradually restoring production at Nof Hagalil factories

The Ministry of Health shut down the factories in April following the discovery of salmonella.

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk credit: Yossi Zeliger Microsofts Climate Innovation Fund launches in Israel

The tech giant’s $1 billion Climate Innovation Fund is recruiting Israeli clima-tech startups.

Towers at Hashalom junction, Tel Aviv, with Givtayim and Ramat Gan in background  credit: Shutterstock Tel Aviv home prices 60% above next door Ramat Gan

Home prices and office rents are pushing each other upwards in the Tel Aviv "scooter space". What can break the chain?

Tesla car in Israel credit: Dalit Aizik Livyatan Israel far from pledge on transition to EVs

In 2018, Israel became one of the world's first countries to set a target for banning sales of new gasoline and diesel cars, but lags far behind the target set.

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