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CEO Shlomi Ben Haim, CTO Yoav Landman, and chief architect Fred Simon


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$62M $62M
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We have 4,000 customers of the caliber of Apple and Google
CEO Shlomi Ben Haim: The users don’t even know that their software is being updated
Shiri Habib-Valdhorn

"JFrog is a place where you get up in the morning and smile, you’re challenged and led to stretch yourself in ways you never thought you could, and where you’re sorry when the day’s over. That’s a huge experience," says JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim, who founded the company together with CTO Yoav Landman and chief architect Fred Simon. The "huge experience" that Ben Haim is talking about includes 1,000% growth in sales between 2012 and 2016, with the company expecting to exceed $100 million revenue in 2018.

Its list of customers includes giant corporations like Apple, Netflix, Morgan Stanley, Tesla, and Mercedes-Benz - as Ben Haim puts it, "the top 10 in every industry are our customers," adding, "Thank God, knock on wood, but for me, it’s a kind of miracle that we have 4,000 customers of the caliber of Apple and Google. This shows that we’re solving a real problem."

Just what is JFrog? The company provides services for software updates and distribution, including automated storage and distribution. "Our vision is to be behind all the software updates in the world," Ben Haim declares unhesitatingly. The "pain" that the company cures is the fact that software updates are part of the user experience. "Once upon a time, it would have sounded logical to have the computer tell you that you have to turn it off and start to run software updates. Today’s generation doesn’t understand this, and wants to be up-to-date all the time," Ben Haim says, and gives two examples that clarify the problem. "Google recently came out with a software update, and deleted all the configurations on all the routers, so that people had no Internet for 24 hours. Tesla did a software update, and people couldn’t start their cars for three hours."

JFrog provides automation tools for updating software by updating "pieces" of software, so that the user is unaffected. It is not just updating software for a computer or a mobile phone. Ben Haim is also talking about Internet of Things (IoT) apps, such as the smart home. He says, "Today, on the average, each person operates 14 smart devices around him or her. All of these need software updates, and that’s where we want to be."

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