01 We want to make working fun Monday.com Project management software Promising Startups - סטארטאפים- monday / צילום: שלומי יוסף
02 The sports press can't keep up with us technologically Minute Media Sports fans content platform Promising Startups - סטארטאפים- minute media / צילום: שלומי יוסף
03 Insurance is one of the most hated subjects. It wasn't an obvious choice Lemonade Artificial intelligence-based insurance Promising Startups - סטארטאפים- lemonade / צילום: שלומי יוסף
04 Only in recent years has technology made it possible to do personalization at a really individual level Dynamic Yield Automated personalization Promising Startups - dynamic-yields / צילום: שלומי יוסף
05 We have 4,000 customers of the caliber of Apple and Google Jfrog Software update installation Promising Startups - jfrog / צילום: שלומי יוסף
06 You have to operate with as low a resolution as possible in order to reach different markets Datorama Data assisting advertisers and marketers Promising Startups - datorama / צילום: שלומי יוסף
07 The launch was excellent, but nothing prepared us for the customers DayTwo Personalized nutrition Promising Startups - day two / צילום: שלומי יוסף
08 The only thing that has grown faster than investment in this sector is the damage caused by the attacks" Guardicore Cybersecurity Promising Startups - guardicore / צילום: שלומי יוסף
  In the future the information coming from vehicles might be worth even more than the vehicle itself
Otonomo Connected cars
Promising Startups - otonomo / צילום: שלומי יוסף
Our information is now used in 2 billion deals a year
Feedvisor Real-time product pricing
Promising Startups - סטארטאפים- feedvisor / צילום: שלומי יוסף