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CEO Roy Man and CTO Eran Zinman


Insight Venture Partners, Entrée Capital, Genesis Partners, and Avishai Abrahami

2012 2012
$34M $34M
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"We want to make working fun"
The Israeli startup aims to improve communications within an organization
Shiri Dover

Early this month, Dapulse announced that its name was being changed to monday.com. "We chose the name because it arouses strong emotional responses, both positive and negative," said CEO Roy Man. "The new name is designed to start a real and sincere conversation about the challenges that arise when people work together – the very challenges that we’re working very hard to solve."

This is exactly what monday.com does – it develops enterprise project management tools. If you work, or have worked, in a company, it is likely that you have come across at least one such tool. Some enterprises use joint spreadsheets, but this solution is not necessarily efficient.

This problem engaged Eran Zinman and Man, who developed Dapulse, a project management tool suitable for teams and enterprises in different sectors and of various sizes. When you ask them how they define their product, they smile. "It sounds like something that I wouldn’t want to use," Man says with a chuckle. "Actually, the company was founded following our painful and unsuccessful use of other tools on the market."

You're talking about a project management tool – a functional and not very sexy product.

"That’s true," Man admits. "The problem we’re trying to solve is the fact that today’s tools don’t really help work management and synchronization. They do help make a list of tasks, and that’s what we mean to change. We connect everyone, and with transparency. We’re actually the first tool in the field that works under the assumption that there is transparency in the enterprise. What’s important is not the employees’ performance but carrying out the task. Remember the table of employees’ performance from the beginning of the week you saw on the tour we gave you when you came in? Our employees don’t care that everyone sees it. On the contrary; they help each other meet deadlines for tasks."

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