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Sports fans content platform


CEO Asaf Peled, Gili Beiman, and strategic advisor Yuval Larom


North Base Media, Dawn Capital, Qumra Capital, Gemini Israel Ventures, Battery Ventures, and ProSieben

2011 2011
$55M $55M
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The sports press can't keep up with us technologically
"The most critical thing is who has access in real time to the audience, to the information consumers"
Gali Weinreb

The conventional content producers' relations with the social networks are difficult. The networks distribute the content to billions of people, but exact a price that makes it difficult for the content websites to survive. Israeli startup Minute Media is trying to blur the boundaries. The company's sports websites and app are based on content from the web surfers, who are usually sports fans. Minute Media sells this content to websites like Sports Illustrated and MSN, and offers an innovative model in the media market.

Minute Media cofounder and CEO Asaf Peled says, "The company was founded in 2011 as a global media platform, a pure Internet play, for sports. All the content is produced by sports fans, who serve as replacements for journalists. We were the first to take advantage of the audience's desire to express itself. When we were founded, the social networks were only beginning, and their success helped us a lot.

"Another trend that contributed to us is the transition to content consumption on mobile phones. It's not hard to create a nice content page for a computer. On a mobile device, however, it's much more difficult. As a technology company, our differentiation is greater on mobile, because with our technology, we can put our content out in a consumer-friendly way to a variety of mobile networks and devices all over the world.

"Furthermore, when a sports fan consumes content on mobile, he's not necessarily looking for a very long, in-depth story; he wants interactive and visually rich content. A company like us is able to put such content on mobile."

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"A liberal sector"

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