Connected cars


CEO Ben Volkow and President Avner Cohen


Delphi Automotive, Bessemer Venture Partners, StageOne Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital, and Hearst Ventures

2015 2015
$37M $37M
43 43
  "In the future the information coming from vehicles might be worth even more than the vehicle itself"
"Otonomo is building a platform that shares information from the vehicle. All of this information goes online, and we share it with interested parties, for example, an insurance company that wants to match the price of its policy to the driver, or an emergency services company sending a patrol vehicle"
Shiri Dover

The auto industry is zealously gearing up for the day when autonomous cars conquer the roads. Until that happens, probably a matter of just a few years, Israeli startup Otonomo is proposing to upgrade our driving experience in the present, through connected vehicles.

"Ben and I were CEOs of different companies when he told me about the world of the driverless car," Otonomo cofounder and president Avner Cohen says in describing how the founders arrived at their idea. "We realized that an automotive revolution was coming, in which digital players like Google, Tesla, and Apple were going to change the field, and that the information coming from vehicles would be worth a lot of money in the future - possibly even more than the vehicle itself. We thought that the driving experience would be a critical factor."

Otonomo says that various apps, in the car itself or on the driver's smartphone, are at the core of this experience. It can be a parking location app, an app for finding a cut-price filling station, and even future apps that refuel the car when it is parked.

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