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CEO Victor Rosenman and CTO Eyal Lanxner


Oryzn Capital, Square Peg Capital, JAL Ventures Fund, Viola Credit

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"Our information is now used in 2 billion deals a year"
Feedvisor was founded in order to help retailers price their products correctly in order to maximize their profits. Today, the technology is helping to make a broader range of decisions.
Gali Weinreb

Anyone visiting the ecommerce websites of Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress can easily see that different sellers are offering the same merchandise at different prices. One seller offers the same keychain only in blue, another offers a variety of colors and a third offers it at a higher price, but with low delivery charges. Are these decisions random? Far from it. They are highly calculated, and more and more of them are made using the technology of Israeli startup Feedvisor.

Feedvisor CEO Victor Rosenman, one of the company’s two cofounders, explains: “Ecommerce is an exciting and constantly changing world. In recent years, an important process has been taking place in it: a switch from isolated and differentiated sales websites to selling through trading platforms like Amazon and eBay. They have changed the world.”

In this area, progress is coming to Israel slowly. “There are no such platforms in Israel," Rosenman says. "There are price comparison and recommendations sites, but, in the end, the purchase is from a particular website. By contrast, Amazon, for example, is much more than just an intermediary. Your deal is actually with Amazon, which itself does the transaction with the seller, thereby effectively giving you insurance on your purchase.

“Because of the ease and reliability of making an order, sending returns, and canceling deals with Amazon, the global shopping market, especially in the US, has completely changed. Today, every fourth purchase is through Amazon. I have felt this myself since I moved to the US in order to manage our activity there. In the lobby of every residential building, the security guard's station is full of Amazon packages waiting for the people who ordered them to pick them up.”

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