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23 October 2014

Harel Locker Gov't approves limits to cash transactions

The move is aimed at combatting black capital and money laundering

23/10/2014 20:43 Economy Irit Avissar
Alcobra admits trial result "not statistically significant"

The company's share price is falling steeply in New York

23/10/2014 19:36 Healthcare Globes correspondent
Moti Ben-Moshe and Eduardo Elsztain IDB share plunge unsettles bondholders

The bondholders have joined forces under "The Organization for Defense of the Public's Savings" and are considering legal action.

Eyal Waldman Mellanox reports strong third quarter

Revenue was$120.7 million, up 16% on the corresponding quarter.

23/10/2014 16:18 IT Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Gil Shwed  picture: Yonatan Bloom Check Point beats on revenue and earnings

CEO Gil Shwed: We continued to deliver double-digit growth in our combined products and software blades revenues.

23/10/2014 15:09 IT Globes correspondent
Yossi Langotsky  picture: Eyal Yitzhar Langotsky drops claim against Ratio over Leviathan discovery

Yossi Langotsky, who now admits he has no case against Ratio, is exposed to NIS 3 million costs.

23/10/2014 14:29 Legal Ela Levy-Weinrib
Palziv Emilia Holdings mulls selling Palziv stake

Palziv, controlled by Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv, makes a range of polyethylene foam products.

23/10/2014 12:23 Chemicals & plastics Ron Stein
Israel Railways train  picture: Eyal Yitzhar Israel Railways to electrify

Transport Minister Yisrael Katz: This project will change the face of transport in Israel.

shekel  picture: bloomberg Shekel-dollar rate keeps rising

FXCM: The weakening of the shekel against the US dollar this week is down to the dollar's strength on world markets.

23/10/2014 10:01 Market Hillel Koren

22 October 2014

Meir Shamir invests in Elbit wearable computing unit

Shamir, Ami Lustig and Roy Ben-Yami have bought preference shares in Everysight to the tune of $5 million.

Israel's ISDS to manage security at Rio Olympics

ISDS will be able to draw on a $2.2 billion budget.

Israeli gov't finally raises PV solar power quotas

The decision is a shot in the arm for the Israeli solar industry, which has been frozen for two years.

22/10/2014 18:21 Energy Globes' correspondent
Tech cos band together to boost Israeli school math

Ten companies have joined the "5times2" project to double the number of teenagers studying high-level mathematics .

22/10/2014 18:03 Economy Gali Weinreb
We're not doing our job, Lapid tells Finance Ministry

Yair Lapid: Do you want your epitaph to be ''Here lies Moshe, who kept the budget balanced"?

22/10/2014 17:35 Economy Amiram Barkat
MyHeritage teams with personal DNA co 23andMe

The collaboration between the companies will make it possible for users to take personal DNA tests, and to use them study their family histories.

22/10/2014 16:26 IT Roy Goldenberg
Plus500 CEO: Our p/e ratio is low

The online trading paltform company's third quarter revenue shows 181% annualized growth.

22/10/2014 16:12 IT Tali Tsipori
Carmel Ventures raises $194m Fund IV

Asian investors Baidu, Ping-An and Qihoo360 and others have joined the new fund.

22/10/2014 15:00 Start ups Roy Goldenberg
Beta-O2 starts clinical trial for artificial pancreas

The ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas is aimed at ending insulin injections for type 1 diabetes patients.

22/10/2014 14:59 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Netanyahu: Elections are the last thing we need

The prime minister called on coalition members to act together for the good of the country.

22/10/2014 12:33 Politics Lilach Weissman
One in seven Israelis feels poor

725.3 thousand people in Israel define themselves as poor: 29% of Israeli Arabs and 12% of Israeli Jews.

22/10/2014 12:02 Economy Amiram Barkat
DSP Group teams with Qualcomm on home automation solution

The solution will enable delivery of advanced cordless telephony features.

22/10/2014 11:01 IT Globes correspondent
Shekel-dollar rate resumes climb

FXCM: A rise above NIS 3.75/$ could spur more speculators to join the wave.

22/10/2014 10:25 Market Moshe Golan
Elbit Systems wins contracts worth $85m in Asia

The contracts, mainly for an F-5 fighter upgrade, are with an unnamed Asian country.

21 October 2014

Intel offers Kiryat Gat workers voluntary retirement package

Intel is changing the composition of its Kiryat Gat workforce pending the NIS 22 billion upgrade of its fab there.

21/10/2014 18:49 Inward investment Yuval Azulai
Harsa sanitary products factory in Beersheva faces closure

The Hamat Group cited high labor and production input costs.

21/10/2014 18:25 Economy Yuval Azulai
Ministry launches top-up health insurance comparison site

The site will provide information about patients' rights and differences between the health funds.

21/10/2014 17:41 Healthcare Shay Niv
Exalenz Bioscience starts liver diagnostics trial

The trial will test diagnosis of liver disease through high blood pressure in the liver.

21/10/2014 17:08 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Minister promises to rationalize water cos

Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources Silvan Shalom is mulling a single nationwide water corporation.

Credit Suisse sees 5% growth for Check Point in Q3

Credit Suisse says that a survey among distributors shows growth in the company's sales.

21/10/2014 15:49 IT Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Netanyahu tries to stabilize coalition

An election is seen on the horizon, but is not believed to be imminent.

21/10/2014 15:23 Politics Lilach Weissman
Finance C'ttee to discuss cost of living

Committee chairman Nissan Slominiansky: We'll demand immediate measures from the government.

21/10/2014 14:46 Politics Lilach Weissman
Sony Pictures and Dori Media set up "Dori TLV"

Sony Pictures has bought a 50% stake in a substantial part of Dori Media's business.

"Israel Chemicals will be very different in five years"

Analysts give their estimates of the effect on Israel Chemicals of the Sheshinski 2 recommendations.

Shekel-dollar rate retreats from peak

After yesterday's near 1% rise, the exchange rate has moderated this morning; the shekel-euro rate continues to climb.

21/10/2014 11:11 Market Yossi Nissan
Moody's downgrades Hapoalim, Leumi, FIBI outlook

Moody's has changed the outlook on the three Israeli banks' deposit ratings from stable to negative.

20 October 2014

Arad Towels closes in double blow for Negev town

Flextronics is also laying off workers from its Arad site.

20/10/2014 20:02 Economy Yuval Azulai
Blender launches peer-to-peer lending in Israel

The Aviv family and Giora Ofer today officially launched Blender - an online lending platform.

20/10/2014 18:30 Financial services Irit Avissar
Shekel-dollar rate rises nearly 1%

The shekel-euro rate also rose strongly today, as the Israeli currency resumed its weakening trend.

20/10/2014 18:17 Market Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Israeli, Jordanian researchers team on leishmaniasis treatment

The project brings together a consortium of parties from Israel, Jordan, and Switzerland for the treatment of the parasitic disease.

20/10/2014 17:36 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Sheshinski 2 backpedals; Israel Chemicals still unhappy

Minister of Finance Yair Lapid: The committee has created the right balance; Israel's natural resources belong to the public.

20/10/2014 17:20 Economy Amiram Barkat
Israel Chemicals could pay state less under Sheshinski 2

The government take from Israel Chemicals will be lower than at present if its profit margin falls below 13%.

20/10/2014 16:55 Economy Amiram Barkat
Greens blast Sheshinski 2

There are calls for the Knesset to investigate the management of Israels natural resources.

20/10/2014 16:29 Economy Yuval Azulai
Telefonica to collaborate with Israeli incubator VLX

Telefonica will invest up to $1 million in incubator projects, and provide professional support.

20/10/2014 15:08 Start ups Gali Weinreb
Estimates show Israeli economy growing just 2.2% in 2014

The Central Bureau of Statistics estimates growth in GDP per capita in Israel of 0.3% this year.

20/10/2014 14:25 Economy Globes correspondent
Cheaper housing plan leaves out buyer groups, non-profits

The Housing Ministry has released draft tender documents for its target price plan.

20/10/2014 13:40 Real estate Ori Chudy
Brainsway signs marketing agreement in France

A French company will market Brainsway's Deep TMS system.

20/10/2014 12:48 Healthcare Hillel Koren
Israel Chemicals: We're victims of populism

Israel Chemicals says adopting the Sheshinski 2 recommendations will cause an unemployment crisis.

Elbit Systems: Shekel depreciation will hit Q3 profit

The defense company estimates that its finance expense will rise by $15-20 million.

Defections hint Sheshinski 2 not dramatically softened

At the last minute, two committee members have joined the minority opposing recommendations that will hit Israel Chemicals.

20/10/2014 11:17 Economy Amiram Barkat
Shekel weakens at opening

The shekel-dollar rate has been climbing despite the current weakness of the dollar on world markets.

20/10/2014 09:50 Market Hillel Koren

19 October 2014

Only NIS 0.30 gasoline price cut expected in Israel

The price of oil is slumping, but taxes and the stronger dollar will offset the fall for Israeli drivers.

19/10/2014 19:04 Economy Hedy Cohen
Food cos raise prices by shrinking packages

Prices of some items have shot up by double-digit percentages.

19/10/2014 18:18 Basic industries Ilanit Hayut
BluePhoenix merging with Ateras in $22.7m deal

BluePhoenix has been shifting its focus overseas and selling off its non-core business.

Check-Cap raises $12m in private placement

Investors in the financing round included Chinese company Fosun Pharma.

19/10/2014 16:57 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
British Airways expanding London-Tel Aviv service

From next summer, British Airways will add six weekly flights between London and Tel Aviv.

19/10/2014 16:48 Tourism Globes correspondent
Ceva component in new Asus smartphone-tablet

Asus's PadFone X will shortly be launched in the US by AT&T.

19/10/2014 16:35 IT Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Radware wins multi-million dollar cyber contract

Radware's share has dropped 8.3% this year, but climbed 3.3% on Thursday and Friday.

19/10/2014 16:15 IT Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
PolyPid seeks to raise $23 million on Nasdaq

The company's product for treating bone infections is due to start clinical trilas in 2015.

19/10/2014 15:48 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Israeli social games developer Diwip sold for $100m

Diwip's buyer is Canadian company Imperus Technologies.

Tamar to supply Israeli gas to Egyptian market

The Tamar partners have signed an MOU with Egypt's Dolphinus Holdings for supplying gas surplus to Israeli requirements.

19/10/2014 10:49 Energy Hedy Cohen

16 October 2014

CPI surprises with fall in September

The Bank of Israel is seen as likely to introduce non-conventional monetary tools to halt the deflationary trend.

14 October 2014

Samsung Note 4 Israel launch date: October 27

The Galaxy Note 4 will compete directly with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

Partner defers vote on CEO Haim Romano's pay

Consultancy Entropy opposes Romano's proposed salary terms, which include payment even if his employment is terminated.

14/10/2014 17:25 Employment Lital Istamati
iPhone 6 lsraeli launch price among world's highest

The price in Israel is NIS 1,100 more than in the US.

Ebola anxiety boosts Protalix again

Smallcap investor network report: An experimental Ebola drug can be produced on Protalix's vegetable platform.

14/10/2014 16:01 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
NTA seeks NIS 860m tender exemption for PB

Under the emerging deal, Parson Brinckerhoff will manage the Tel Aviv light rail system for 10 years.

"High food prices not retailers' fault"

Senior Meitav Dash analyst Eran Yunger explains why food costs so much more in Israel than overseas.

14/10/2014 14:52 Basic industries Eran Yunger
IEC board eases financial targets to tune of NIS 20b

In recent months, Israel Electric Corporation's directors have been adjusting financial targets to reality.

14/10/2014 12:48 Energy Amiram Barkat
Dual-listed stocks set to fall

Teva, Perrigo, Opko and Nice Systems open with large negative arbitrage gaps after yesterday's falls on Wall Street.

14/10/2014 10:07 Market Globes correspondent
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