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26 June 2016

Ministry of Finance Photo Ariel Jerozolimski Treasury: Brexit has negligible impact on exports, TASE

Ministry of Finance: Israel's ability to compete in the EU could improve as a result of the UK's exit.

26/06/2016 21:20 Economy Hillel Koren
Ashelim Ashalim solar array to go ahead as planned

Electricity from the Ashalim plant will cost over triple the cost of photovoltaic electricity alternatives.

26/06/2016 18:26 Energy Hedy Cohen
New apartments Israelis undeterred by more expensive mortgages

The public took mortgages worth NIS 5.4 billion in May, up from NIS 4.7 billion in April.

26/06/2016 17:47 Financial services Dror Marmor
Ilan Ben-Dov Ilan Ben-Dov refuses breathalyzer, car confiscated

The Israel businessman was stopped in his Mercedes leaving Tel Aviv Port and indicted for insulting police.

26/06/2016 17:05 Legal Yaniv Magal
Eilat Photo: Tamar Matsafi  Tourism Minister plans 15,000 hotel rooms to lower prices

Yariv Levin believes low-cost two and three-star hotels will provide one of the missing links in tourist demand.

MK Eli Cohen Photo: Tamar Matsafi Ministerial C'tee approves six Sundays off each year

MK Eli Cohen's bill will be given a preliminary reading in the Knesset later this week.

26/06/2016 15:58 Economy Globes correspondent
Erdogan and Netanyahu Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal to be signed this week

The two countries' negotiating teams are meeting in Rome to settle the final details.

26/06/2016 15:33 Politics Globes correspondent
Tel Aviv luxury apartments Apartments sold and rented

A selection of recent real estate deals in Israel including in Jerusalem, Modi'in, Ramat Gan and Givatayim.

26/06/2016 12:46 Real estate Ori Chudy
startup photo: Shutterstock Team management platform DaPulse raises $7.6m

The Israeli SaaS company, which grew its revenue fivefold in 2015, will use the new funds to accelerate its global growth.

26/06/2016 11:59 Start ups Globes correspondent
Moshe Kahlon Photo: Yonatan Bloom Kahlon: Israel's economy can meet any challenge

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said his ministry was monitoring the repercussions for Israel of the Brexit referendum 24/7.

26/06/2016 11:10 Economy Amiram Barkat
Tamar Harel in talks to buy Tamar stake

Insurance company Harel seeks to buy 3% of the rights in the Tamar gas reservoir from Noble Energy, with an option on a further 1%.

Wall Street  photo: Reuters Mutual funds prepare for wave of redemptions

Market sources in Tel Aviv see the falls in New York on Friday as a measured reaction to Brexit.

26/06/2016 09:45 Market Nissan Cohen

24 June 2016

Ben Gurion University receives $400m donation

The late Dr. Howard and Lottie Marcus of San Diego, California have made the largest ever gift to an Israeli university.

24/06/2016 17:48 Economy Globes correspondent
Herzliya approves plan for 2,943 new homes

The new development at Kibbutz Glil Yam will also include 90,000-sq.m. of commercial space.

24/06/2016 17:24 Real estate Ori Choudy
Shekel sharply weaker against dollar after Brexit vote

FXCM Israel: Continued panic in the markets will strengthen the dollar further against the shekel.

24/06/2016 17:24 Market Globes correspondent

23 June 2016

Golan, HOT request cartel exemption

The companies agreed that Golan Telecom would use HOT Mobile's cellular network instead of Cellcom's.

23/06/2016 18:36 Market Gad Perez
Unemployment in Israel drops to decade-low 4.8%

Employment figures in Israel are still providing the economy's bright spot.

23/06/2016 16:36 Economy Globes correspondent
Haifa plans electric car sharing pilot scheme

Israel Electric Corporation will build charging stations for 200 cars supplied by car2go.

Shekel appreciation against dollar continues

FXCM Israel: Traders are sitting on the fence until the UK referendum results are known.

23/06/2016 15:53 Market Globes correspondent
Antitrust Authority approves Mega-Yeinot Bittan merger

Yeinot Bittan must dissolve its fruits and vegetables wholesale partnership and sell stores.

Israeli blockchain startup Colu raises $9.6m

Colu has created digital currencies to encourage small businesses in two Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

23/06/2016 10:43 Start ups Tali Tsipori
Israeli businessman Motti Zisser, 60, dies

The former controlling shareholder in Elbit Imaging Systems has succumbed to cancer.

Communications Ministry set to cancel connectivity fees

The connectivity fee in Israel's mobile market is currently NIS 0.06 per call and NIS 0.01 in the landline market.

Sagol looking to sell 80% of Keter

The Keter owner lowered his ask to $1.8 billion; foreign bidders will submit binding offers for the Israeli company in the coming weeks.

Swift and lethal: the $120m F-35

Despite criticism over its price, the Lockheed Martin fifth-generation stealth warplane will assure Israeli regional air superiority.

Katz wants cabinet to approve Gaza artificial island

With an airport, seaport, hotels and security checkpoint, the island would allow Israel to lift the commercial blockade.

23/06/2016 06:50 Politics Uriel Herman

22 June 2016

Israel Military Industries wins US assault bridges deal

The Israeli defense company is continuing to consolidate its business in the US market.

Danish co Ambu buys ETView for $16m

The Israeli company has developed a device for inserting respirator tubes into the breathing passages.

22/06/2016 17:25 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Analysts cool on gas sales to Turkey

Apax Capital Markets says a binding gas agreement between Israel and Turkey is a pipe dream.

22/06/2016 17:19 Politics Kobi Yeshayahou
Hedva Ber: Digital banking reduces fees 75%

Israel's Supervisor of Banks says that 50% of bank's customers subscribe to online services.

Israeli cyber security co LightCyber raises $20m

The startup provides Behavioral Attack Detection solutions and its products have been deployed by top-tier customers.

22/06/2016 16:00 Start ups Tali Tsipori
Brenmiller teams with Isolux on South Africa solar project

Brenmiller's energy storage system produces clean energy at night at $0.10 per kilowatt.

22/06/2016 14:56 Energy Globes correspondent
Gov't to fund children's long-term savings plans

The National Insurance Institute will deposit NIS 50 a month for each child until age 18.

Shekel strengthens

FXCM Israel: Markets are on hold until the results of Thursday's EU referendum in the UK are published.

22/06/2016 13:44 Market Globes correspondent
Israel Aerospace begins production of mini-drone

The Bird Eye 650D can conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions at ranges of up to 150 km for up to 15 hours.

Leviathan partners investing $120m to develop field

The partners also reported they are in talks to sign export deals for the gas, which should flow by the end of 2019.

22/06/2016 11:41 Energy Globes correspondent
Galilee interchange opens at Kadarim

Netivei Israel has also opened a three kilometer section of Road 65 as a four lane highway.

Israeli IoT startup Kwik raises $3m

The Tel Aviv based company has developed buttons, which let consumers order brands from their home.

Lockheed Martin to unveil Israel's first F-35 today

Israel has procured 33 of the stealth fighters and is in talks to buy 17 more.

OrbiMed invests $2.5m in cancer profiling co NovellusDx

NovellusDx provides a concise report for the oncologist including the effects of different targeted therapy options.

22/06/2016 07:10 Healthcare Gali Weinreb

21 June 2016

Delek, Supergas win hospitals natural gas tender

Conversion to natural gas will save Israel's 13 government hospitals NIS 60 million a year.

21/06/2016 19:07 Energy Hedy Cohen
BoI backtracks on costlier mortgages comments

The Bank of Israel clarified that competition for mortgages has not lessened but banks are factoring in higher risk.

Israel Military Industries to sell ammo to US civilians

IMI light ammo manager: Our work with the IDF gives us a significant advantage.

Workforce performance co GamEffective raises $7m

The Israeli startup uses gamification and real-time feedback to transform productivity, and learning in today's workplace.

21/06/2016 17:52 Start ups Globes correspondent
17 cos bid in Red-Dead Sea pipeline tender

Bidders in the $800 million tender include Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Japanese, Korean, Canadian and Israeli companies.

Israel to focus tech education in super-colleges

The Ministry of Finance plans an extensive overhaul of the college system to answer the business community's needs for trained professionals.

21/06/2016 16:13 Economy Amiram Barkat
Israel, Turkey to sign accord Sunday - report

Reports in Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News that a Turkey-Israel agreement is imminent have boosted Leviathan partners shares.

21/06/2016 13:57 Politics Globes correspondent
Israeli SaaS co raises $6m uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help B2B sales teams win more deals.

Israeli data recovery co Zerto raises $20m

The company experienced its fourth consecutive year of over 100% sales growth in 2015.

21/06/2016 13:00 Start ups Globes correspondent
Automatic drone platform co Airobotics raises $28.5m

CEO Ran Krauss: Airobotics has maintained an R&D focus towards development of the first truly automatic, robust drone system.

21/06/2016 12:35 Start ups Globes correspondent
Partner plans own fiber-optic network

The company intends to use Bezeq's infrastructure under the wholesale market reform - which for the time being is stuck.

21/06/2016 11:59 Market Gad Perez
Shekel weaker as UK referendum on EU nears

FXCM Israel: Markets are hoping that the British will vote to remain in the EU.

21/06/2016 11:35 Market Globes correspondent
Israel Chemicals threatened with exec bonuses lawsuit

Minority shareholders are claiming repayment of $5 million in bonuses paid to senior managers after accounting adjustments.

Afcon seeks buyer for Tadiran Telecom

Tadiran recently launched its innovative software-only Aenoix enterprise communications solutions.

20 June 2016

MKs: Outlaw Israeli arms sales to countries breaching human rights

Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) and Yehuda Glick (Likud) are behind a bill to force disclosure of where Israeli arms are going.

Arms export license applications up 17% in 2015

Defense Export Controls Agency head Dubi Lavi: Thisreflects the Defense Ministry's policy of expanding Israelidefense exports.

Accenture buys Israeli cybersecurity co Maglan

Accenture also officially inaugurated its new Cybersecurity R&D Lab in Israel today.

Bill Gates among investors in new Israeli incubator

Gates has made his first Israeli investment through Intellectual Ventures in the MEDX XELERATOR incubator.

Israeli startup Interlude raises $50-100m from Sony

Interlude CEO Yoni Bloch tells "Globes" about the aim of the new strategic cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

20/06/2016 17:50 Start ups Tali Tsipori
Valcare Medical in trial success for heart device

Valcare Medical developsminimally invasive treatments of heart valve disease.

20/06/2016 17:42 Healthcare Globes correspondent
"Higher mortgage costs double home price rises"

Bank of Israel Deputy Governor Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg says with mortgage costs, home prices rose 13.5% over the past year.

Ber: Salary cap could see many bank execs resigning

Supervisor of Banks Hedva Ber says up to 215 Hapoalim and Leumi executives could resign if the bill includes past pension rights.

20/06/2016 15:55 Financial services Irit Avissar
Israeli mobile marketing co Moburst raises $1.6m

The Ra'anana based startup has expanded its customer base to include global brands such as eBay, Pfizer, Google and Hotels Combined.

20/06/2016 15:45 Start ups Tali Tsipori
Deutsche Bank downgrades Check Point

Deutsche Bank's analysts write that security spending is slowing, especially in the financial sector. 

20/06/2016 14:51 IT Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Magic buys 60% of medical records software co Roshtov

The deal price values Roshtov 30% higher than when it was delisted in 2011.

20/06/2016 13:18 Healthcare Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Workers meeting expected to disrupt Ben Gurion flights

During the meeting called for this afternoon nearly 10,000 passengers are due to arrive and depart.

20/06/2016 11:26 Tourism Michal Raz-Chaimovich
Israeli authorities probing NIS 200m fraud

The suspicions of tax evasion and money laundering in the manpower services industry involve a TASE listed company.

20/06/2016 11:04 Legal Ela Levi-Weinrib
Shekel opens mixed

FXCM Israel: Investors are preferring safe assets as the British referendum on EU membership nears.

20/06/2016 10:14 Market Globes correspondent
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