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02 July 2015

Shraga Brosh Manufacturers Association opposes more vacation days

Association president Shraga Brosh warns that business cannot bear the extra cost.

02/07/2015 17:46 Economy Globes' correspondent
Eugene Kandel Kandel to step down as National Economic Council chair

Eugene Kandel's resignation is unrelated to the natural gas industry plan.

02/07/2015 17:06 Economy Amiram Barkat
Elbit Systems Elbit Systems wins $150m European infantry systems contract

An Elbit Systems unit will supply systems to the Benelux countries' Smart Vest program. 

02/07/2015 16:51 Aerospace & defense
Kia Sportage First half car deliveries hit new peak

144,000 new vehicles were delivered in Israel in the first half of 2015, with Hyundai and Kia dominating sales.

EFI buys Matan Digital Printers

Matan Digital Prinetrs develops super-wide format printers.

FIMI's Ishay Davidi FIMI buys control of Oxygen and Argon Works for NIS 180m

The deal reflects a company value of NIS 353 million.

Gideon Tadmor  photo: Uria Tadmor Delek Drilling chairman: Gas has become a political football

"There is no end to the lies in the media about the return in the Tamar project."

02/07/2015 14:27 Politics Hedy Cohen
Channel 10 RGE takes over Channel 10

The company will own 51% of the channel, which has obtained a 15-year broadcasting license.

Hapoalim, Leumi adopting cloud computing

The Bank of Israel has issued final cloud computing guidelines.

02/07/2015 12:49 Financial services Irit Avissar
Michael Golan  picture: Tamar Matzapi Golan Telecom again leads subscriber recruitment

Golan led Hot Mobile in June thanks to Hot's high churn rate, while Partner continues to lag.

02/07/2015 11:03 Market

01 July 2015

Mega to hold creditors meeting July 12

The Lod District Court rules that all purchases by the Mega supermarket chain will meanwhile be in cash.

01/07/2015 21:57 Retailing Ilanit Hayut
Playtech buys Israeli co Ava Trade for $105m

Ava Trade is a contract-for-difference foreign exchange broker.

Noble Energy: Israel's regulators drove away every other gas co

"Israel was happy for Noble Energy to risk its money, as long as it was unsuccessful."

01/07/2015 21:07 Energy Hedy Cohen
Alon Blue Square's billion-shekel gap

Alon Holdings Blue Square took advantage of its dual listing in the US and on the TASE to conceal subsidiary Mega's plight.

Isramco opposes government gas plan

Isramco fears that the plan could delay development of the Tamar reservoir.

Elbit completes acquisition of NICE intelligence, cyber division

Elbit Systems will pay up to $158 million for the division, which will be merged into its Cyberbit subsidiary.

Mapal Green Energy to hold AIM IPO next week

Mapal, whose technology reduces the cost of waste treatment, seeks to raise £2-3 million.

01/07/2015 14:36 Energy Tali Tsipori
Manufacturers Association demanding trustee for Mega

Suppliers: Mega can't be saved without money from the owners.

01/07/2015 13:48 Legal Ilanit Hayut
Teva CEO: The industry is undergoing a shakeup

Erez Vigodman: Size isn't everything; it's important to be better.

01/07/2015 13:10 Healthcare Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
US won't defend West Bank settlements against boycotts

The US State Department has made clear that new trade legislation will not affect its policy on Israeli settlements over the 1967 lines.

01/07/2015 11:31 Economy Ran Dagoni, Washington
Shekel-euro rate at 13-year low

After Greece's default on its debt repayment to the IMF, the euro is weaker on world markets.

01/07/2015 10:22 Market Yossi Nissan

30 June 2015

State Comptroller asks Steinitz to delay gas plan

State Comptroller Joseph Shapira says he is about to issue his own report on the industry.

30/06/2015 20:34 Politics
Frutarom announces yet another acquisition

Frutarom has bought US company Foote & Jenks for $4 million.

FIMI negotiating Oxygen and Argon Works acquisition

Oxygen and Argon Works is Israel's largest manufacturer of industrial gases.

Flug: Public perception of Israeli banks is not accurate

Governor of the Bank of Israel Karnit Flug says Israeli banks' profits are not excessive.

30/06/2015 18:45 Financial services Irit Avissar
Hamat setting up Turkish factory

Hamat: Production costs are 30-40% lower in Turkey than in Israel.

30/06/2015 18:04 Basic industries Yuval Azulai
Mega suppliers restrict deliveries

Angel Bakeries CEO: If I don't give them bread tomorrow, they might as well close down.

30/06/2015 17:32 Retailing Ilanit Hayut
Gas agreement: Noble Energy stays in Tamar and Leviathan

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: This is the best agreement possible; if we delay, the damage will be severe.

Alon group set to leave "Israel Post" partnership

The "Israel Post" had the third largest newspaper circulation in Israel in 2014.

Elsztain to double cash injection into IDB

Elsztain will put NIS 200 million into Discount Investment as part of a NIS 500 million rights issue.

30/06/2015 12:41 Market Omri Cohen
Steinitz to unveil gas agreement today

This follows the government's failure to pass a motion in the Knesset allowing it to bypass the Antitrust Commissioner.

30/06/2015 11:42 Politics Globes correspondent
Orange to pay Partner up to €90m

Orange has signed a new agreement with Partner, effectively compensating the Israeli carrier for the damage caused by its CEO Stéphane Richard's anti-Israel remarks.

30/06/2015 10:29 Market Hillel Koren
Netanyahu defers Knesset vote on gas agreement powers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that the agreement should be published as soon as possible.

30/06/2015 00:16 Politics Lilach Weissman

29 June 2015

Gas cos will have to offer two pricing models

If customers select neither of the two options, the parties can negotiate a different mechanism.

29/06/2015 19:02 Energy Hedy Cohen
Mega owes NIS 1.3b

Supermarket chain Mega lost NIS 436 million in 2014 and NIS 87 million in the first quarter of 2015.

29/06/2015 18:57 Retailing Gur Megiddo
Energix expanding Golan Heights wind energy activity

The company will invest NIS 30 million in a wind energy company in receivership.

29/06/2015 18:07 Environment Aviv Levy
Gov't scrambles for majority in Knesset gas vote

With Avigdor Liberman opposed, Netanyahu is considering postponing the vote.

29/06/2015 17:48 Politics Lilach Weissman
China's Hebang buys 51% of Israeli agrichemicals co Stockton

Sichuan Hebang Corp is paying $90 million for the stake in Stockton.

Netanyahu set to give up on 3-year budget

The prime minister and minister of finance are meeting about the budget tonight.

29/06/2015 17:01 Economy Lilach Weissman
Channel 10 awarded 15-year broadcasting license

Channel 10 had been on the verge of closure; it is now Israel's first television licensee.

Emerson Electric unit buys Israel fire sensor co Spectronix

The $100 million price tag represents a 31% premium on yesterday's closing share price.

Merck buys remaining stake in Qlight Nanotech

Qlight's products upgrade LCD screens and LED lighting.

$13m Latin American deal boosts Ceragon

The region's biggest cellular operator again chose Ceragon's solutions as part of its 4G deployment.

29/06/2015 14:56 Market Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Apple licenses WhiteSmoke, Apply to distribute app

The app will be marketed and distributed on Apple's iTunes platform.

29/06/2015 14:23 Market Aviv Levy
Leumi fined NIS 4.2m for money-laundering breaches

Bank Leumi was found to have failed to fulfill reporting requirements.

Kaplan: Mega wants debt rescheduling only

Alon Group CEO Avigdor Kaplan: If everyone plays his part, Mega can get out of its difficulties.

29/06/2015 12:45 Retailing Ilanit Hayut
Shekel opens weaker against dollar

FXCM Israel: European instability will drive investors towards dollar assets.

29/06/2015 11:13 Market Hillel Koren
Mega set to petition for protection from its creditors

Suppliers: Mega's main problem is not financial but on the the consumer side.

29/06/2015 10:27 Retailing Ilanit Hayut

28 June 2015

Are Plus500's regulatory troubles over?

If the FCA money laundering investigation is complete, this could affect the chances of Playtech's bid.

Chinese investors putting $2m into Hadasit

The investors seek to produce and market products of Hadasit's portfolio companies in China.

28/06/2015 19:00 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Mylan commits to keeping Perrigo's Israeli R&D

Takeover target Perrigo has over 1,000 employees in Israel.

28/06/2015 18:21 Healthcare Shiri Habib-Valdhorn
Pluristem raises $17m from private investors

The company has raised over $100 million to date.

28/06/2015 18:07 Healthcare Gali Weinreb
Itzik Tamir demanding pricing for Orckit

Orckit, which once had a $1.6 billion market cap, could be sold for only NIS 500,000.

Lachlan Murdoch meets Israeli politicians, media execs

Rupert Murdoch's son may be considering entering the local market.

"Israeli government has no credit exposure to Greece"

Greece is in 28th place among Israel's trading partners.

28/06/2015 15:56 Economy Ayelet Carmel
Israeli athletes return with cash prizes from Baku games

The Israeli delegation's prizes totaled NIS 320,000.

28/06/2015 15:07 Economy Tal Volk
El Al inaugurates Boston route

Three flights a week will run in each direction on the new route.

Israeli telecoms UAV co takes off for Wall Street

Light & Strong is going head-to-head with Google, Facebook, and Airbus.

TASE down as Greece edges towards euro exit

Locally, the gas saga is the focus of attention; gas exploration stocks fell this morning.

28/06/2015 11:43 Market Moshe Golan

25 June 2015

Legal snag may frustrate RGE's Channel 10 takeover

RGE's control of cable and satellite television channels creates a legal problem.

Israel gas settlement draws nearer

The diplomatic-security cabinet decided to override the Antitrust Commissioner's opposition, but a last-minute maneuver by Aryeh Deri means the decision will need to go via the Knesset.

Cyber co Checkmarx raises $84m

Checkmarx counts Coca Cola and the US Army among its customers.

25/06/2015 16:23 Start ups Idan Rabi
Herzog: Bring gas agreement before Knesset

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog says the agreement will have consequences for generations to come.

25/06/2015 14:38 Politics Lilach Weissman
OECD to Israel: Step up war on overseas bribery

Despite suspicions in 14 cases, not a single case was brought to trial.

25/06/2015 14:30 Legal Avi Temkin
Andy Ram's Pulse Play reaches crowdfunding target

Pulse Play raised $75,000 from 614 contributors, who will receive the first version of the company's watch in October.

25/06/2015 13:01 Start ups Yaniv Pohoryles
Airports Authority surrenders to workers, adds 50 staff

Disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport left passengers stranded there.

IMF exposes Israel's fiscal deficit fudge

The deficit is under-reported, and government spending rules are theoretical only, the IMF finds.

25/06/2015 11:29 Economy Adi Ben-Israel
easyJet to fly Tel Aviv-Amsterdam route from October

Low-cost airline easyJet will operate the new route four days a week.

25/06/2015 10:22 Tourism Globes correspondent
Bank of Israel buys dollars

Aggressive intervention by the central bank has reveresed the slide in the shekel-dollar rate.

25/06/2015 10:06 Market Kobi Yeshayahou

24 June 2015

Alcobra trial fails to meet primary endpoint

The Phase 2 trial of MDX for the treatment of Fragile X Syndrome did however meet two secondary endpoints.

24/06/2015 21:05 Healthcare Globes correspondent
TASE mulls easing requirements for non-bank members

The liquidity and equity requirements are being re-examined.

24/06/2015 20:02 Financial services Ron Stein
FIMI buys control of Hadera Paper

FIMI Opportunity Funds is paying NIS 354 million for Clal Industries' 59% Hadera Paper stake.

24/06/2015 18:20 Basic industries Omri Cohen
More arrests of Israeli tax dodgers expected soon

Tax Authority chief Moshe Asher: Banking secrecy is over.

24/06/2015 18:20 Economy Ela Levy-Weinrib
Israel gov't bonds weaken further

The capital market is in an uproar following the Bank of Israel press conference.

24/06/2015 16:52 Financial services Omri Cohen
Karish, Tanin to be sold within 2 years

The natural gas partners will sell the reservoirs within 18 months; otherwise, a trustee will do it.

24/06/2015 15:16 Energy Hedy Cohen
Startup Slant lets users earn money for content

Slant's platform offers contributors professional editing, and a revenue share.

24/06/2015 14:00 Start ups Roy Goldenberg
NFL stars touchdown in Jerusalem's high-tech zone

19 members of the US Pro Football Hall of Fame accompanied by Robert Kraft visited an exhibit of the latest Israeli technologies.

24/06/2015 11:17 Start ups Globes correspondent
Ben Gurion baggage handlers disrupt flights

Aircraft are not being loaded or unloaded. Employees: The problem is a manpower shortage.

24/06/2015 10:51 Tourism Sapir Peretz-Zilberman
Shekel still bolting

The shekel has strengthened further against the major currencies this morning. Yossi Frank: The Bank of Israel must act.

24/06/2015 10:23 Market Moshe Golan
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