Capital Markets Conference 2016: Investments, Financing, Technology, Cyber and Fintech

Tuesday, June 7, David InterContinental Hotel, Tel Aviv

Since the 2008 financial crisis, there is an urgent need to adapt the financial system, first and foremost the banking system, to the new era. Technology has radically transformed almost every aspect of our lives, but one industry has yet to experience that big bang - the capital market.

Technological innovation is the key to change in the capital markets: today, algorithms are already replacing financial advisers and investment managers, mobile applications deal with banks and enable international trade with the swipe of a finger, alternative credit mechanisms are more available than ever and are transforming the credit market. Stock markets reflect the new priorities of millennials – who prefer to invest their time and means in social media, shopping, mobile technology, travel and leisure than save money.

Globes' Capital Markets Conference 2016 for Investments, Financing, Entrepreneurship and Fintech invites you to participate in shaping the new landscape of the Israeli and international capital markets, along with the leaders of that change: top banking executives, angel investors, managers of investment firms, developers, regulators, fund managers and CEOs of leading technology companies.

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