מירוסלב דוסק / צילום: יחצ

Miroslav Dusek

Head of Middle East and North Africa, World Economic Forum Read more >
ד״ר חוסה ויניאלס  /  צילום: יחצ

Dr. José Viñals

Financial Counsellor and Director Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF Read more >
פאתיח בירול / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Fatih Birol

Chief Economist, International Energy Agency. Read more >
דר' גרגורי אף טרבנטון /  צילום: יחצ

Dr. Gregory F. Treverton

Director of the RAND Corporation’s Center for Global Risk and Security Read more >
דר' הנס פול בירקנר / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Hans-Paul Bürkner

BCG, President & Chief Executive Officer Read more >
יעקב פרנקל / צלם: איל יצהר

Prof. Jacob Frenkel

Chairman, J.P.Morgan Chase International Chairman of J.P.Morgan Chase International, Read more >
אלעד שרגא / צילום: יחצ

Elad Shraga

Managing Director and Global Head of the Client Solutions Group for Deutsche Bank, based in London. Read more >
ריצ'ארד קווסט / צילום: יחצ

Richard Quest

Host of "Quest Means Business" ,CNN Read more >
פרופסור מיירון שולס / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Myron Scholes

Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, for his new method of determining the value of derivatives Read more >
 ג'ניפר בלנקי / צילום: יחצ

Jennifer Blanke

Lead Economist, Senior Director, Head of the Global Competitiveness Network, World Economic Forum Read more >
סטיבן פואיג / צילום: יחצ

Steven J. Puig

IDB- Inter-American Development Bank, Vice President for the Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations
Read more >
לורנצו ביני סמאג'י / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

A former Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank Read more >
פרופסור טיילר קוואן /  צילום: יחצ

Prof. Tyler Cowen

Professor of Economics, George Mason University, Recently named in an Economist poll as one of the most influential economists of the last decade Read more >
ד"ר פיטר ג'ארט כלכלן /  צילום: יחצ

Peter Jarrett

Head of Division, Economics Department, OECD Read more >
פול רווה  / צילום: יחצ

Paul Révay

European Director of the Trilateral Commission Read more >
גלן יאגו / צלם:  עינת לברון

Glenn Yago

Senior Director, Israel Center, Milken Institute
Senior Research Fellow and Founder, Financial Innovations Labs
Read more >
פרופסור ניק באטלר/  צילום: יחצ

Nick Butler

Nick Butler Visiting Professor and Chair, Kings Policy Institute Kings College London Read more >
חלוק סור  / צלם: יחצ

Haluk Sur

Urban Land Institute Turkish District Council Chairman
Read more >
פרופ' ג'ק מינץ / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Jack Mintz

Professor and Palmer Chair in Public Policy Calgary University, Canada Read more >
ג'ף פולבר  / צילום: יחצ

Jeff Pulver

Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Investor. Read more >
קרלוס פסקל / צלם: יחצ

Carlos Pascual

Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, US Department of State Read more >
ד"ר מוריץ קרמר  /  צילום: יחצ

Dr. Moritz Kraemer

Managing Director and Head of the Sovereign Ratings Group, EMEA Standard & Poor's Read more >
ליז גנץ / צילום: יחצ

Liz Gannes

Senior Editor, AllThingsD, a leading global online publication which specializes in technology and startup company news, analysis and coverage. Read more >
ד"ר סוון בהרנדט / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Sven Behrendt

Founder and Managing Director GeoEconomica, Geneva Read more >
ד"ר יוקון יאנג / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Yukon Huang

Senior Associate Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read more >
שריף אל דיוואני / צלם: יחצ

Mr. Sherif El Diwany

Egyptian-Swiss business strategy advisor and Chief Business Officer, MyDocumenta, Barcelona-Geneva Read more >
דר' מירוסלב זינגר / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Miroslav Singer

Governor, Czech National Bank Read more >
לורנצו ביני סמאגי / צילום: יחצ

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Former Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank, Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs
Read more >
פרופסור סטיב קין / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Steve Keen

Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney Read more >
אורי דדוש / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Uri Dadush

Senior Associate and Director, International Economics Program Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read more >
ד"ר וויליאם הנרי אוברהולט /  צילום: יחצ

Dr. William H. Overholt

Senior Research Fellow at John F. Kennedy School of GovernmentHarvard University Read more >
ג'ון אי. וולדרון /  צילום: יחצ

John E. Waldron

Head of Investment Banking Services, Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs Read more >
אדוארד יו / צילום: יחצ

Edward Hugh

Macroeconomist Read more >
ג'נט טבקולי / צלם: יחצ

Janet Tavakoli

Founder and President of Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc Read more >
ראיין פי. בלוט /  צילום: יחצ

Ryan P. Blute

CPA, CFA, PIMCO Read more >
דניאל גרוס / צלם: יחצ

Daniel Gross

Economics Editor and Columnist ,Yahoo! Finance. Co-host, of The Daily Ticker. Economics Editor and Columnist ,Yahoo! Finance. Co-host, of The Daily Ticker.
Read more >
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