אנחל גורייה / צילום: יחצ

Hon. Angel Gurría

OECD Secretary-General Read more >
גין ליקון / צילום: יחצ

Jin Liqun

Chairman, China International Capital Corporation Read more >
גוזף אקרמן / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Josef Ackermann

Former CEO of Deutsche Bank and Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Board, World Economic Forum Read more >
טיילר כהן / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Tyler Cowen

Professor of Economics, George Mason University Read more >
פיטר גארט  / צלם: יחצ

Dr. Peter Jarrett

Head of Division, Economics Department, OECD Read more >
ג'נט טבקולי / צלם: יחצ

Janet Tavakoli

Founder and President of Tavakoli Structured Finance Read more >
גדעון רכמן

Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs commentator, The Financial Times Read more >
סטנלי פישר / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Stanley Fischer

Council on Foreign Relations, Former Governor of the Bank of Israel Read more >
Keith Elliot

Keith Elliott

Senior Vice President, the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Noble Energy Read more >
 Monica Woodley / צילום: יחצ

Monica Woodley

Managing Editor, The Economist Group Read more >
אלן דרשוביץ / צלם: יחצ

Prof. Alan Dershowitz

Professor of Law, Harvard Professor Read more >
Elliot Gotkine

Elliott Gotkine

Middle East Editor, Bloomberg Television Read more >
נרימן בראבש / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Nariman Behravesh

IHS Chief Economist Read more >
ד"ר פאתיח בירול / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Fatih Birol

Chief Economist International Energy Agency, Paris Read more >
סטיב קין

Professor Steve Keen

Author of "Debunking Economics" and blogger, debtdeflation.com Read more >
לי בוכהייט

Prof. Lee C. Buchheit

Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Read more >
סונדרה ברבור

Sondra L. Barbour

,Executive Vice President, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Lockheed Martin Read more >
 Ian Gorst / צילום: יחצ

Senator Ian Gorst

Chief Minister of Jersey Read more >
סונר קגפטאי / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Soner Cagaptay

Beyer Family fellow and director of the Turkish Research Program, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy Read more >
האנס טימר / צילום: יחצ

Hans Timmer

Chief Economist of Europe and Central Asia region, The World Bank Read more >
ריצרד קלרידה / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Richard H. Clarida

Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Columbia University and Global Strategic Advisor, PIMCO Read more >
לורנצו ביני סמאג'י / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

A former Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank Read more >
צארלס ויפלוז

Prof. Charles Wyplosz

Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva Read more >
אליוט הנטוב / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Elliot Hentov

Associate Director for Sovereign Ratings, Standard & Poor's Read more >
אדוארד מורס / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Edward L. Morse

Managing Director Global Head - Commodities Citi Research Read more >
ד"ר יוקון יאנג / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Yukon Huang

Senior Associate Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read more >
Jonas birgerson

Jonas “Birger” Birgersson

Chairman, ViaEuropa Read more >
Dan Buchner

Dan Buchner

Director of Innovation, The Center for Creative Leadership Read more >
Bohot stephen

Stephen Bohot

Supplier Management Leader, Israel Boeing Commercial Airplanes Read more >
Dirk Brown

Dr. Dirk Brown

Director, Faber Entrepreneurship Center & Clinical Professor, Darla Moore School of Business, South Carolina University Read more >
Greg Clark

Gregory C. Clark

Director, Emerging Technologies, SCRA Read more >
Gene Eidson

Gene W. Eidson, Ph.D

Professor of Biological Sciences at Clemson University and director of the Institute of Computational Ecology and the Urban Ecology Center Read more >
Moriss Ellison

Morris Ellison

Partner, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice Read more >
David Ginn

David T. Ginn

President & CEO, Charleston Regional Development Alliance Read more >
Russ Keller

Russ Keller

Vice President, SCRA Read more >
Bill Kirkland

Bill Kirkland

Executive Director, Economic Engagement South Carolina University Read more >
Stephen Lanier

Dr. Stephen Lanier

Associate Provost, Medical University of South Read more >
Bill Mahoney

William (Bill) T. Mahoney

CEO, South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) Read more >
Jacobo Mintzer

Jacobo Mintzer, MD

Executive Director, Clinical Biotechnology Research Institute Read more >
David Orr

David E. Orr, Ph.D

COO, KIYATEC's engineering development, operations and financial management Read more >
George Patrick

George B. Patrick III

Deputy Secretary, South Carolina Department of Commerce Read more >
Nick Rigas

Dr. Nikolaos C. Rigas

Associate Director, The Clemson University Restoration Institute Read more >
Rusnak Michael

Michael G. Rusnak

Executive Director, Foundation for Research Development, Medical University of South Carolina Read more >
Karan Sorensen

Karan Sorensen

President, Sorensen Strategies Read more >
Tom Vogt

Dr. Thomas Vogt

Director, The NanoCenter and Education Foundation Read more >
Kevin Weir

Kevin Weir

Innovation and New Business Development Leader, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Read more >
Jonathan Zucker

Jonathan M. Zucker

President, The InterTech Group Read more >
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