The Global economy in 2014
Genuine recovery or artificial respiration
Sunday Dec 8th 09:30-10:30

Although prospects for the global economy look promising, the question is whether we are witnessing a pseudo recovery, to be followed by a relapse, such as in the past two years, or is the change real?
Have the risks been significantly reduced or is global economy about to step into a booby trap and is a triple dip awaiting us around the corner?
Dr. Josef Ackermann, Former CEO of Deutsche Bank AG
Gideon Rachman, Associate Editor & Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator Financial Times
Prof. Richard Clarida, Lowell Harris Professor of Economics, Columbia University & Global Strategic Advisor, PIMCO & former US Assistant Treasury Secretary for Economic Policy, 2002-2003
Liqun Jin, Chairman, China International Capital Corporation People's Republic of China
Moderator: Richard Quest, Journalist & TV Host, CNN

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