Workshop: Leading for Innovation*
Sunday Dec 8th 17:00-19:00

In today’s hyper-competitive and fast moving world leaders are compelled to create organizational cultures that foster innovate behaviors and results. Leading an innovative organization means creating direction, alignment and commitment resulting in new and novel ideas that create value for the people it serves and its stakeholders.
While today’s leaders are well trained in management methods that produce reliable and consistent results, the leadership capabilities required to generate new and novel value creating ideas are less developed.
It is commonly believed innovative leaders are unique individuals endowed innate capabilities but research has shown the capabilities needed to lead innovatively can be developed. These capabilities include questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. During this highly interactive two hour workshop senior leaders will experience practicing these capabilities and consider how to expand their own leadership capabilities to foster more innovative behaviors and results in their organization.

: Dan Buchner, Director of Innovation, The Center for Creative Leadership

* Prior registration is required - space is limited

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