גייסון פורמן / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Jason Furman

Council of Economic Advisors
The White House
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ענת אדמתי / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Anat Admati

Professor of Finance and Economics
The Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
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חקרברטי סומה  / צילום: יחצ

Sir Suma Chakrabarti

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
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סוזן קולינס / צילום: יח"צ

Susan M. Collins

Dean of Public Policy, Professor of Public Policy and Economics
University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
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בארי אייכנגרין / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Barry Eichengreen

Professor of Economics and Political Science
University of California, Berkeley
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דניאל אלפרט / צילום: יחצ

Dan Alpert

Founding Managing Partner
Westwood Capital, LLC
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קיוסוקה סדאמורי / צילום: יחצ

Keisuke Sadamori

Director of Energy Markets and Security
International Energy Agency
Paris, France
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גדעון רכמן

Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs commentator, The Financial Times Read more >
ישנג הואנג / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Yasheng Huang

Associate Dean and a Professor of International Management Sloan School of Management
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גרג קייס  / צילום: יחצ

Gregory C. Case

President and Chief Executive Officer
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כריסטיאן קלר / צילום: יח"צ

Dr. Christian Keller

Managing Director and Head of Economics Research, Barclays Read more >
שנגן פן / צילום: יחצ

Fan Shengyan

Managing Director, M&A Department, China Everbright Limited Managing Partner, Catalyst CEL China Israel Fund Read more >
פול טיילור / צילום: יחצ

Paul Taylor

Senior Fellow
Pew Research Center
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אדריאן וולדריג / צילום: יחצ

Adrian Wooldridge

Management Editor and Schumpeter Columnist
The Economist
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אננד נארישמן / צילום: יחצ

Prof. Anand Narasimhan

Professor of Global Leadership
IMD Lausanne
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דן רוזנטל / צילום: יחצ

Dan K. Rosenthal

Albright Stonebridge Group
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איגור בונין /  צילום: יח"צ

Dr. Igor Bunin

Center for Political Technologies - Russia
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Elliot Gotkine

Elliott Gotkine

Middle East Editor, Bloomberg Television Read more >
פול בלאוסטין / צילום: יח"צ

Paul Blustein

Senior Fellow, Centre for Int. Governance Innovation
Nonresident Fellow, the Brookings Institution
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פיטר גארט  / צלם: יחצ

Dr. Peter Jarrett

Head of Division, Economics Department, OECD Read more >
דיוויד בלומר / צילום: יחצ

David J. Blumer

Chief Executive Officer
EMEA BlackRock Investment Management
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דיוויד וו / צילום: יחצ

David Woo

Head of Global Rates and Currencies Research, BofA Merrill Lynch Read more >
אריק ברגולף  / צילום: יחצ

Erik Berglöf

Chief Economist and Special Adviser to the President
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
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ריצרד סנדור / צילום: יחצ

Dr. Richard L. Sandor

Chairman and CEO, Environmental Financial Products
Lecturer of Law and Economics
University of Chicago Law School
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ויק באגט  / צילום: יחצ

Vic Bhagat

Executive VP, Enterprise Business Solutions and Chief Information Officer
EMC Corporation
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גלן יאגו / צלם:  עינת לברון

Glenn Yago

Senior Director, Israel Center, Milken Institute
Senior Research Fellow and Founder, Financial Innovations Labs
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גדעון קוץ / צילום: יחצ

Gideon Kouts

Professor of Modern Jewish History and Communications and Head of Jewish, Hebrew and Israel Studies Department
Paris 8 University
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פרופסור ניק באטלר/  צילום: יחצ

Nick Butler

Nick Butler Visiting Professor and Chair, Kings Policy Institute Kings College London Read more >
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