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BIRD Fund now seeks cleantech projects

$3 million will be invested over the next year in joint Israeli-US projects.

Batya Feldman 17.06.2009

Negev thermosolar plant bids due by September

The overall value of the tenders is estimated at $700-800 million.

Lior Baron 17.06.2009

IEC spat with regulator delays private power plant

Israel Electric Corporation demands that all costs for purchasing electricity from the power plants are recognized ahead of time.

Lior Baron 17.06.2009

Better Place looks to Fiat, Chrysler

Idan Ofer met in Israel with one of the heirs to the Fiat dynasty.

Dubi Ben-Gedalyahu 14.06.2009

Siemens in talks to buy solar energy co Solel

Discussions are being conducted through Credit Suisse.

Lior Baron and Merav Ankori 11.06.2009

Phoebus Energy raises $1 million

The start-up develops cost saving water heating technologies for large central heating systems.

Merav Ankori 09.06.2009

EMG increases gas flow from Egypt

The increase in flow represents a strong indication of EMG's renewed commitment to Israel.

Lior Baron 07.06.2009

Delek unit mulls Greece investment

The company is considering bidding for a tender to purchase gas stations in Greece.

Sharon Baider 07.06.2009

Sonol layoffs fuel Histadrut anger

The Histadrut claims 20 gas station managers were only fired because they were unionizing.

Shay Niv and Lior Baron 04.06.2009

So what if oil prices have fallen

The fluctuating price of oil is not relevant when considering investment in cleantech.

Dan Margalit 02.06.2009

Gasoline prices to rise at midnight

Gasoline prices have risen by 29% since the start of 2009.

Globes' correspondent 31.05.2009

Solar energy co ASP in partnership talks

Advanced Solar Power (ASP) seeks a partner at a company value of $8-10 million.

Merav Ankori 24.05.2009

פשרה: שטראוס תשנה את אריזות חטיף הדגנים אנרג'י כך שלא ידמו ל-Nature Valley

ההסכם הושג לאחר שג'נרל מילס ישראל הגישה בקשה לצו מניעה זמני שיאסור על שטראוס לשווק את חטיף אנרג'י באריזה זהה כמעט לחלוטין לזו של המותג האמריקאי

אורלי פלג-מזרחי‏ 18.05.2009


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